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Mapp Cloud combines the power of data-driven insights, cross-channel marketing automation and predictive analytics to help brands connect with their customers and reach greater revenue.


online revenue growth

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growth in email open rate

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growth in CTR

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conversion rate increase

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email open rate average

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new contacts with campaign

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Mapp Cloud's key pillars for insight-led experiences

Unified Data

Mapp Cloud's Customer Data Platform (CDP) unifies your data, providing you with a single actionable customer view. Learn more ›


Seamlessly integrate our platform into your marketing ecosystem, allowing effortless data merging through versatile APIs. Learn more ›


Create personalized experiences based on who your customers are and what they want, making every touchpoint count. Learn more ›


Simply develop and execute a robust cross-channel marketing strategy to boost engagement by reaching your customers wherever they are. Learn more ›

AI & Analytics

Our powerful analytics and AI dig deeper into your data, producing actionable insights and predictions about your customers' future behavior Learn more ›

The true value of Mapp Cloud

540% ROI
Delivered over three years

< 2 up to 4 weeks
Time to value

Increased conversion

Increased marketing productivity

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Integrating your Martech stack

Easily integrate Mapp Cloud with the rest of your marketing ecosystem. Data is more readily absorbed and unified with our flexible APIs.

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Crafting Everlasting Loyalty: Mapp's Black Friday & Holiday Masterplan

Get ready for the peak season! Our video series takes you through how to acquire, nurture, and retain customers during Black Friday and the Holidays, to turn short-term sales peaks into lasting loyal relationships for 2024 and beyond.

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Our State of Customer Experience Survey revealed a shift in marketing budget allocation. Instead of relying on paid ads, marketing teams are now focusing on investments in first-party data strategies and owned channels to enhance customer acquisition.

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In this customer interview, Rob Wood, Ecommerce Director at PMT – Play Music Today, the UK’s largest multi-channel music retailer, talks about how they have used Mapp to create the same exceptional personalized experiences that they offer in-store, through their eCommerce website and digital channels.

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Hear what our customers have to say

Mapp has helped more than 3,000 companies and agencies implement winning marketing strategies. From retail & eCommerce to finance and publishing, Mapp Cloud helps businesses from across diverse industries.

We‘ve spent a number of years thoroughly reviewing the market and we’re confident we have chosen a partner in Mapp that can help us become more data-driven across the business. We’re really excited to expand from fairly limited personalization capabilities and to start testing out more dynamic content tactics across our brand portfolio. The GLD team are looking forward to becoming more insight-led and seeing the great results we can drive through our partnership.
Ian McCullagh
Head of eCommerce
By working with Mapp, we have really been able to enrich our customer profiles, and get a much better steer on how best to really engage the right people at the right time. It’s provided us with an amazingly accessible way for JYSK to interact and engage with our audience on an ongoing basis.
Emilia Sławek
Digital Marketing Coordinator
We knew that, as a rule, you need to first know your customers' needs, alongside when to contact them and what to offer them. It’s why we chose Mapp Cloud to integrate PBSL’s multiple data sources and unify them into one place – from our physical branches to our website.
Suzana Bulearca
Chief Marketing Officer
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