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Digital Marketing Benchmark
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The results are in for the 2024 Digital Marketing Benchmark. Find out how European marketers performed in the past, and what their priorities and strategies look like going forward. We will also be updating these as the year goes on so you can see how the trends evolve and grow.


Find out which channels are the most used in order to reach customers, plus the most successful ones.


Learn about the priorities of other marketers within your industry, as well as cross-industry.


Discover what marketers think the top trends will be for 2024, plus what they'll be investing in.


TLDR; Find out how Mapp can help you with predictive analytics, data-driven insights, and cross-channel marketing automation in order to connect with customers and reach greater revenue.


The majority of survey respondents (48%) are from a retail business with the second most popular vertical being media & publishing (7%).


21% of survey respondents will be investing in improving CX in 2024.


Alignment between teams seems to be a challenge for a large number of respondents with 27% highlighting this, and lack of clear objectives also resonated with 16%.


Email (25%), website, and social are consistently the most used channels to reach customers as well as the most successful ones. Mobile push is being utilized the least.


90% of marketers see AI as the top trend for 2024 and of those who answered, 19% will be investing in predictive analytics.


For a whopping 59% of respondents, generating and deploying customer insights is currently a manual process, with a further 21% planning to start working on this challenge soon.


Only 62% of respondents spring cleaned their data within the last year with the remaining 38% either within a longer timeframe or have never done so.


The most important criteria when evaluating new marketing technologies is a joint split between vendor service (21%) and support, price, ease of use, and ability to integrate with tech stack.

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