Digital marketing tips to master the customer journey

The 10-Step Checklist to Kickass Email Deliverability Results

The success of your email marketing campaign depends heavily on good deliverability. If your emails aren’t getting delivered, then email marketing is a massive waste... Read More »

Marketers, Stop Saying Email is Dead

Like the seasons come and go, so do rumors of the death of the highest ROI-generating marketing channel, along with new marketing avenues replacing it.... Read More »

3 Ways to Capture Data Without Annoying Your Website Visitors

Capturing data is crucial to any business. Whether someone is coming to your website via PPC, paid media, or organic ways, the name of the... Read More »

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Email Bounces

If you are in charge of creating and managing email campaigns, you’re probably dealing with emotions that only mass emailing can give you. Once you... Read More »

Are you ready to join the Marketing Wolfpack?

Marketing events are a dime a dozen these days, it’s a wonder there isn’t an “Expo-Expo” or a “Marketing Event-Event” out there to showcase all... Read More »

Breaking News: Mapp Has Officially Acquired Webtrekk!

Today, we announced the completion of the acquisition of Webtrekk, the European leader in marketing analytics and customer intelligence software. Webtrekk is now fully a... Read More »

Get Better Email Open Rates with Mapp’s “Best Send Out Time” Feature

When it comes to email, opens lead to clicks and clicks lead to conversions. This simple concept is key to making sure email stays the... Read More »

Are You Using Mobile Push and In-App Messages The Right Way?

Push notifications are a great way to engage actively and directly with your customers. Spending all that money and effort on creating an app means... Read More »

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