Digital marketing tips to master the customer journey

How Customer Analytics Can Give You Insights That Others Can’t – And Gain a Long-term Perspective

Most of the classical KPIs that are used by marketers and analysts, and are recommended by industry experts, are basically snapshots. They only look at... Read More »

Google users in the UK could lose EU data protection – with Mapp you are on the safe side

You may have noticed a small blue alert pop up at the top of your Google Chrome browser, inviting you to take note of Google’s... Read More »

Smart Alerts: Use AI to Detect Data Anomalies When They Occur

Noticing changes in data is the key to being a good analyst and, at the same time, one of the biggest challenges. Keeping an eye... Read More »

Year-in-Review: Mapp’s Round Up of 2019

WOW, this year has flown by, right?! It seems like only yesterday that we were going through the company rebrand, and now it’s been almost... Read More »

Mapp vs. The World: Cross-Channel Marketing Platforms Redefined

Did you know that there are 267 automation and campaign management vendors in the 2019 Martech report? Forrester only acknowledges 42 of them. They group... Read More »

How data can provide a 360-degree view of today’s online shopper [CEO Interview]

This interview originally appeared in Internet Retailer’s report “Marketing Strategies of the Top 1000.” In today’s eCommerce environment, a great product isn’t enough to keep... Read More »

Mapp Cloud Now Has Magento 2 Support

Online shops and email marketing belong together. Hardly any other channel is as suitable as email is for informing contacts and existing customers about new... Read More »

Digital Marketing Trends in Retail That Drive Sales and Engage Shoppers

More and more retailers are embracing online marketing as it directs shoppers straight to their website. In today’s cross-channel world, providing service through the channels... Read More »

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