Digital marketing tips to master the customer journey

List Bombing: How to Protect Your Email List

Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in bot attacks on companys’ email lists, including new takes on an old classic.... Read More

What Do CMO’s Demand From MarTech in 2019?

As a senior marketing executive, do you believe you’re delivering the best customer experience at every brand touch point? The movement towards digital transformation was... Read More

Are Your Emails Ending up on Blacklists or Whitelists?

Reaching your target audience can be a hard task in a world ruled by automated email marketing campaigns. To overcome this, two concepts directly impact... Read More

New Year, New Mapp

Have you seen it already? We unveiled Mapp’s new brand this week! With striking new colors, bold taglines, and a rebellious sheep as our mascot,... Read More

Mapp’s Top 10 Product Developments of 2018

Last year was a busy one for Mapp, so we rounded up Mapp Cloud’s top 10 product developments of 2018. Market smarter in 2019 with... Read More

Mapp Achieved ISO 27018 Certification for Cloud Data Privacy

We are happy to announce that Mapp recently completed an independent third-party audit to renew its existing ISO 27001 certification and achieve ISO 27018 certification... Read More

BIMI: Use Your Own Brand Logo as an Email Trust Seal

Email is not a safe medium – marketers know that and consumers know that. What if you could put your brand on every email and... Read More

The Retail Roundup: Resources You Need to Become a Retail Marketing Guru

This month, we put the retail industry in the spotlight. Retail and digital marketing go hand in hand, yet marketers struggle to gain and retain... Read More

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