Digital marketing tips to master the customer journey

Here’s How Companies Are Tackling the Customer Experience in 2021

Customer experience is on everyone’s minds, but how advanced is the implementation process for companies in 2021? Given the eCommerce industry growth of 46% in... Read More »

Don’t Sacrifice Customer Insights: Cookie Consent Implementation Done Right

Unawareness, a blurry strategy, and flawed cookie consent management can easily lead to a gap in your analytics. The risk is an often-irretrievable loss of... Read More »

Are Cookies Really Dead? How Cookie Consent Affects Your Marketing

These days, browsing the internet feels a lot like wading through quicksand. Almost all web applications first ask users for consent on an unmanageable amount... Read More »

The State of Digital Marketing in 2021: How COVID-19 Has Influenced Strategy

As 2020 was a challenging year for businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we set out to discover how companies across Europe adapted and planned... Read More »

Happy Half-Birthday to Our Expert Community “Improve Your Marketing”

In September 2020, 6 months ago, we launched our free expert community, Improve Your Marketing. It’s a platform where marketers can find best practices for... Read More »

Looking for a Bronto Alternative? Choose from These 3 Email Marketing Platforms

Are you looking to switch from Bronto to a new digital marketing platform? Are you not satisfied with their email marketing capabilities? If so, you... Read More »

Winter Update 2021: What’s New in Mapp Cloud

Our customers asked, so we delivered! The Winter Product Update includes eleven new functionalities and improvements for Mapp Cloud – including a special focus on... Read More »

Year-in-Review: The Best of Mapp in 2020

So long, 2020! I think we are all relieved to say that this year is finally coming to an end. While 2020 came with a... Read More »

Open Marketing Automation: Unleash Your Capabilities

In a world where real-time data is key, marketers need to rely on solutions that connect the dots to activate powerful automation and personalize the... Read More »

5 Black Friday Tips to Boost Email Deliverability and Revenue

The countdown has already started and despite sending your weekly newsletters or promotions, you can’t ignore that voice in your head that keeps saying “Pssst,... Read More »

Measurement Plan Modeling for Marketing and Digital Analytics

When starting a website tracking project, it often feels like the looming “blank paper” problem. Questions include where to start, where to go, how to... Read More »

Fall Update 2020: What’s New in Mapp Cloud

Drum roll, please… Mapp’s Fall Update is here! We have officially launched 18 new features that will help you tackle daily marketing challenges. Are you ready for... Read More »

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