Digital marketing tips to master the customer journey

“Single Line of Code”: Agile Analysis of User Behavior

A company’s website serves as its central point of interaction with customers. To keep website usability high while improving evaluation of the way the processes... Read More »

Email Marketing: How Continuous Improvement is the Key to Success [Case Study]

At Mapp, we work with many online retailers across the globe. One of our clients, an online retailer from Germany, looked to us for creative... Read More »

Mapp at DMEXCO @home: Stimulating discussions on Insight-led Customer Engagement

DMEXCO @home was a great success for Mapp. The two-day conference program proved that networking and sharing ideas in difficult times can still work in... Read More »

Lead Gen 101: Understanding the Lead Life Cycle

Lead generation is a critical element of a successful sales and marketing strategy that can work perfectly alongside your existing marketing plans. Do you want to grow... Read More »

Insight-led customer engagement at its best: Meet Mapp at DMEXCO @home

Virtual networking in the new normal will be high on the agenda at DMEXCO @home, the virtual event taking place on 23-24 September 2020. Now... Read More »

“The New Normal”: What Does This Mean for Retail Marketers?

The past few months have been a pretty wild ride for all of us. We’ve gone from initial bewilderment to stir craziness to complete quarantine... Read More »

Summer Update 2020: What’s new in Mapp Cloud?

Time for some good news: The Mapp Cloud Summer Update is here! It’s been worth the wait, because we’ve got 17 new upgrades and updates... Read More »

Gmail starts BIMI pilot

In a previous blog post, we highlighted BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) and its benefits as the new standard to display your brand logo... Read More »

Closing the Gap: From Business Objectives to Digital Analytics

Author: Michael Engberding, Senior Strategic Data Consultant at Mapp It’s a truism that collecting and analyzing data is business critical. Hence, data has a strategic... Read More »

9 Customer Retention Strategies That Work

This blog post focuses on the category “Customer Retention Strategies”, as the fourth in a series of 4 blogs about the best marketing tactics to... Read More »

16 Effective Tactics to Grow Your Customer Base

This blog post focuses on the category “Growing Existing Customers”, as the third in a series of 4 blogs about the best marketing tactics to... Read More »

Nurture Marketing: 11 Ways to Make That Second Purchase Happen

This blog post focuses on the category “Nurturing Customers”, as the second in a series of 4 blogs about the best marketing tactics to Acquire,... Read More »

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