National Coffee Day

Did you know that Starbucks has over 87,000 ways to make a coffee drink? There’s most likely at least that many ways and then some for how digital marketers can market to their online audience, and caffeine can be just as important as technology to get the job done. Coffee makes us less grumpy, more focused, super energized and is – let’s face it – the most popular energy drink around. Of course coffee deserves it’s very own special day. So in celebration of all the cups of joe that have come to the rescue of the loyal drinker – let’s examine the most buzz worthy digital campaigns we’ve seen thus far.The rapidly changing digital landscape has given rise to major trends that are on the verge of shaping how consumers think and behave. With technology enabling sophisticated applications like integration, personalization and segmentation, (all of which have driven colossal rates of relevancy and engagement), digital marketers are able to extract and apply vast opportunities and learnings from these challenges. Checkout these 4 buzz-worthy digital campaigns that enrich consumer experiences.

A Double Shot of Omni-Channel With Sears

Why do some people prefer really strong coffee? Because it goes into effect immediately and gets the job done – fast! Brands are under high pressure to discover innovative ways to create effective consumer experiences and deliver results quickly. To do this they must provide messaging to their consumers with relevant information, at the right time, in the right place. By applying consumer data learnings gathered from behaviors, purchase history and device usage – businesses can gain valuable insights into their target audience, but can also instantly create memorable and engaging user experiences. Sears topped Forrester’s “2016 Best Omni-Channel Retailers” list by making retail shopping an integrated experience that’s all about ease and convenience. The retailer’s customer loyalty program “Shop Your Way” app offers free curbside pick-up for online orders, online reservations that are seamlessly integrated with salespeople and online shopping that is picked up right where a customer leaves off when meeting with an in-store expert to complete the purchase.


Real-Time Content By Sephora Is Like Instant Coffee

Coffee loyalists either love it or hate it, but instant coffee leads to immediate gratification, the same way real-time content does. Real-time marketing allows users to be a part of an exclusive experience. Dynamic and personalized content that responds to a customer’s interactions and behavior creates a personal, one-to-one relationship that is based on exclusivity and intimacy.Sephora uses real-time geolocation of where a specific user is located at time of the email open along with a navigation feature to drive in-store traffic. These location based triggers target customers using geolocation data to create more tailored and relevant messages. This is the ultimate use of send-time optimization and businesses that apply mobile data in this way can reach customers near the point of sale.  Their location segmented emails like this are responsible for 62.84% more clicks than their non-segmented email campaigns.


Blended Hyper-Personalization & Customer Loyalty With Dunkin Donuts

There’s nothing better than blending the best ingredients into one amazingly delicious result – a frothy, creamy, yummy Frappuccino.. That’s exactly what the right marketing data can do – mix and blend together to ultimately achieve a conversion and create a raving fan with their customer, for life.. A loyalty program aims to create and maintain personal interactions. Retailers must leverage the online and offline experiences and use data to enhance customer experiences that elicit brand loyalty. Check out this example from Dunkin Donuts – the doughnut giant effectively applies customer behavioral data for hyper-personalized content and offers.


Rich Aromas of Contextual Content With Priceline

Just like a comforting pot of hot morning coffee, contextual content provides a seductive and familiar aroma that enhances the customer experience.Priceline leveraged a dynamic slider for real-time prices of hotel rooms by geography and then optimized the order of offers shown. The company’s application of contextual content led to a $40K increase in sales revenue and an ROI increase of 5X versus other campaigns they had running simultaneously.


The exciting complexity of purchase behavior in an omni-channel world offers new opportunities for marketers to apply data from different sources and transform actionable insights into seamless online experiences for consumers. The continued growth of content consumption forces marketers to examine their messaging formats based on consumer channel and device preferences, as well as innovative approaches to engagement like hyper-personalization and contextual marketing. Ready to add an extra shot of digital buzz to your marketing campaign strategy? Mapp's team of experts helps marketers boost program performance by achieving the shortest route to customer engagement. Contact us for a demo today!