summer marketing tips

The summer months can be a real challenge for engaging with our customers.

Whether they are traveling, spending time with the family or just taking in some sun on the beach, they are not holding their breath for your latest email or promotion offer. So, how can you peak their interests and keep them engaged? Here are some summer marketing tips to get you started.

Summer Marketing Tip 1: Mobilize your efforts

People are on the go in the summer, traveling, spending time with family and friends but they are still connected. Shooting selfies, sharing their memories via mobile on social media, and even checking their work email every now and then. In a survey done by Intel, 68% of U.S. participants reported checking their personal and work email at least once a day, every day, while on vacation.

68% check their personal & work email at least once a day, every day, while on vacation
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According to Facebook, 92.5% of summer related conversations happen on mobile, vs. only 7.5% on desktop.

Summer marketing tips 1


Conversation topics can vary between platforms (Facebook vs. Instagram), gender, age and even days of the week. For example, on Instagram, talks about health, beauty, apparel and accessories spiked during weekdays, while beverages conversations spiked on Fridays and Saturdays.

Even though people are bringing their mobiles along with them, they are still in a different mindset than the rest of the year. They want to let loose and relax, but they also want to engage and be engaged. Keep this in mind when sending your messages. Keep them short, yet captivating. Make sure your headlines are clear and powerful and engage the reader enough to want to open or take a second look. Your messages need to be relevant, and to the point. Don’t forget to make them interactive and fun. Emoji’s, rich push notifications and engaging images would do better than long form text emails.

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All marketing strategies, whichever channel they are sent on would most likely be opened on a mobile device. Therefore, make sure it is mobile optimized. The aim of push notifications is to encourage the reader to take action in a way that benefits them. Push notifications give you direct insight into what works and what doesn’t. Push actions are the mechanism that can help you push the user in the right direction.

Summer Marketing Tip 2: Bring out your creative edge

If you want to get your customers attention you are going to need to think outside of the box and get creative. For example, the Summer Snapshot Contest with Coca Cola. They encouraged their fans to take summer pics with their Coca Cola cans. This is a great way to encourage fans to get out there with their summer Coca Cola cans and snapshots. This campaign went viral quickly as fans posted a photo and then it was sent out to the news feed of all their friends. What a great way to get new fans to buy these cans!

Summer marketing tips cans

Get your fans involved in the sharing process too! Here we see that the Coca-Cola contest allowed everyone to vote on the photos.

summer marketing tips coca cola 2


Ikea, another brand that went the extra mile, decided to take advantage of the “Billy bookcase” 30 year anniversary. In order to bring Ikea to their customers, they placed 30 Billy bookcases on the Bondi beach in Sydney. This gave surfers and sunbathers the opportunity to surf for books the opportunity for some holiday reading. Talk about convenience!

Summer marketing tips surfing


Summer Marketing Tip 3: Become a social butterfly

Based on a recent Facebook survey, sharing on social increased by 26% and sharing video content increased by 43% compared to the rest of the year.

Summer marketing tips 3


Now is the time more than ever to get social. We can see infographic above how people enjoy sharing their vacation with Facebook friends whether it's by posting messages on Facebook or sharing videos of treasured vacation moments.

Summer marketing tips 4 facts


Summer inspires us to share, more so in the summer than the winter,spring or fall. Our job is to find a way to get in on the sharing too and find a way to connect your brand to your customer's summer goals/interests. Summer is the time where people decide to make diet changes and increase their exercise to get that beach body. Check out New Balance USA's tweet. They took advantage of summer to promote their brand. Keeping in mind that people are on the go and traveling and this is the answer if you want to get fit this summer. This is a great opportunity to get your tweet to go viral, letting your followers know that you can take these workout moves with you wherever you go.

Shake up your workouts this #summer with these anytime, anywhere exercises:

— NewBalanceUSA (@NewBalanceUSA) June 29, 2016

Summer Marketing Tip 4: Offer summer sizzling discounts and promotions

The summer is a great opportunity to offer creative discounts and promotions. Is there a particular event that attracts your target audience? If so, appeal to them via that route. Maybe it’s a concert or sports event find what interests them.

In the advertisement below Asos teamed up MasterCard and created an incentive to tag your images with #EPICSUMMER. This encouraged users to follow Asos and be entered in a chance to win a $750 Asos shopping spree.

Summer marketing tips ASOS


Summer Marketing Tip 5: Host a TweetUp!

Your brand can encourage a TweetUp, meaning setting an agreed meeting up location with your followers. Be fun, be creative and get into the summer spirit. If you want to peak people's interest be sure to create a standout hashtag. In the example below MSC Cruises USA invited people to join their first ever #CruiseChat #Tweetup event. By doing so you would be invited to their #CruiseChat guest list with a chance to win prizes while bound for Cozumel Mexico!

Summer marketing tips 7 cruise


Summer Marketing Tip 6: Utilize Multi-Channel Strategies

In today's day and age, marketers have a crucial job of reaching their customers via their channel of preference. This includes reaching them online and offline and identifying the channels their customers are using and then targeting them accordingly. You can use multi-channel strategies to target your customers on their mobiles and in your store. For example, integrate your in-store smart TV with your mobile app to change the display in real-time according to the type of people you have in the store, their preferences, past purchases etc... Multi-channel also applies to those without a brick and mortar store. Infinity, an Italian video streaming provider created a multi-channel, responsive welcome program. This campaign resulted in a 30% open rate. The campaign included personalized mobile push messages which increased engagement by 20% and utilized Facebook ads to acquire new customers. This is a great example of real-time marketing.

In the summer, create multi-channel marketing campaigns to catch customers where they are
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Summer Marketing Tip 7: Catch the moment

Whether you are in sales or marketing you know that summertime is the hardest to engage your customers. How can we overcome this challenge? Well, Udi Ledergor had a brilliant idea. He decided to blast out an email he knew held a high open rate and then sat back to see who opened the emails. His sales team was standing by waiting for engagement. When a customer opened the email, they were contacted by the sales team. The conversation went something like this, "Hey John, I see you just took a look at our website…" Yes, the customers were a bit freaked out, responding "whoa, how did you know?" But, the quota of sales were made. This is a great way of integrating marketing and sales in order to act in real-time for great results.

This is very useful for example when it comes to travel, encouraging customers to pre-book activities can boost your ROI. If a customer has just booked a trip and you sent out an email with the attractions offered and they open the email - this is your cue. Your sales team knows for a fact that the customer is at his computer or on his mobile and engaged with your brand. This is the right time to catch the moment and reach out to them.

Summer Marketing Tip 8: Get ready For the Fall

Now's the time to start looking ahead. In fact, slower summer months can allow for a deeper information analysis than might be possible at any other time of the year. Reflect on your year. What are the lessons learned from last year’s season? What went well and could be replicated and what should be improved? Move forward based on this knowledge.

Soak It All In

When your customers are out on holidays or just hanging on the beach, it is time for you to set your creativity lose in order to grab their attention. Mobile can be a great asset to your brand in order to connect with your customers on the go. Use these summer marketing tips to provide value to your customers by sending out individualized, relevant and engaging messages.

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