Mapp is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and as such our clients can enjoy the benefits of having CSA certified IPs. That being said, it also means that we have to hold ourselves and our clients to a higher standard in order to adhere to the CSA guidelines. We found that many of our clients still had questions after reading through the CSA Full Admission Criteria. So using the admission criteria as a guide, we drafted a quick reference checklist that covers all the compliance points that fall under a client’s responsibility (many of the technical criteria are already handled automatically by our platform). We worked directly with the CSA to ensure that the final product properly addressed all of the permission and message content requirements as well as including some additional recommendations for a better email program.

At as nifty bonus, this handy checklist can also be used as a guide to help ensure GDPR permission and message content compliance for our clients mailing into the EU. (*Obligatory disclaimer that we aren’t lawyers and you should always verify with your own legal counsel)

It slices, it dices…ah, never mind….. Enjoy!

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