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Are you ready to join the Marketing Wolfpack?

Justis Saayman
Are you ready to join the Marketing Wolfpack?

Marketing events are a dime a dozen these days, it’s a wonder there isn’t an “Expo-Expo” or a “Marketing Event-Event” out there to showcase all the things one can go to as a marketing professional. Having this in the back of my mind, I decided the people needed something else, something that would give back to the marketing community – but not cost a thing. With that, the Marketing Wolfpack was born.

A mix of intimate conversation, mind-blowing content, and great networking seems to be a hit with marketers of all creeds and talents so far. However, we wanted to add more differentiation to the fray so decided no sales were allowed at the event – creating a learning and networking experience. This paired with a space where any question is welcome at any time definitely proved valuable during the Wolfpack presentations.

What March’s Wolfpack Meeting Brought To The Table:

The theme was set: Actually do stuff in 2019 (that your boss will sign off on) struck a chord for all who attended and discussed it online.

The speakers for March’ event were leaders in their respective fields. First up, we had Georgia from Hedgehog Labs, an app development consultancy, with “AR we there yet? Why Augmented Reality is going to take off in 2019”. The quote by Apple – “Imagine if the line between the virtual and the real simply didn’t exist – underpinned the presentation’s content accompanied by fascinating reasons and instances of Augmented Reality. Some truly breath-taking examples garnered lots of questions and comments.

From “AR we there yet? Why Augmented Reality is going to take off in 2019”

The second speaker for the evening was Sarah Clay from Sarah Clay Social Media Consultancy, with a presentation titled “The Future of Social Media in 2019”. She discussed the importance of social media in the world of modern marketing and where marketers can optimize their social spend.

For example, ads are 68% cheaper than traditional CPC in the Facebook feed, but 90% cheaper for ads on Instagram. She also clued us into the world of Twitter Chats (Alt: Tweet Chats) that is getting a lot of attention online and adds another level of interaction for professionals and even customers on Twitter. Google it… seriously, it’s good!

From “The Future of Social Media in 2019”

The third speaker of the evening was our very own Ricardas Montvilla, Director of Product Strategy at Mapp. His presentation title piqued the interest of all in attendance: “What Do Privacy and Horse meat Have in Common?” It was a truly eye-opening discussion about how the world has changed since GDPR was introduced. We looked at the use of data, the collection of data, and the question of “whether it is better if you don’t know.”

From “What Do Privacy and Horse meat Have in Common?”

What June’s Wolfpack Meeting Highlighted:

Our second event in June was even bigger and better, being streamed live on Twitter to benefit marketers in different time zones. This time around, I reached far and wide in my network to find more crème de la crème talent.

First up was Andy Duggan from BP, who started off the evening’s presentations talking about apps and the strategies certain large companies are using to build engagement and brand awareness. He really gave it to certain brands, but demonstrated why McDonalds is amazing at engagement in-app and in restaurant. He also showed the challenges they face at BP with their Pay-at-Pump systems and how they upsell even when a user pays with their phone, not needing to walk more than 3 meters.

From Andy Duggan’s presentation

Second up that evening was Daniel Clayton from Logitech (Urban Ears, Jaybird). What he said mande everyone look at their phones for a good minute. Is your content going to DM’s? Are people sharing content 1-to-1 instead of mentioning, tagging and linking to your company?

It was a great journey on how brands are increasing views and likes but decreasing the engagement. Engagement which is being offset by the sharing through direct messages. He discussed this phenomena with examples like Love Island (a popular UK tv show and other brand examples.

From Daniel Clayton’s presentation

Last, but in no means least, were Jack Cooper and Andrew Chart from Andertongs Music Store. A small store in Guildford, Surrey (UK), it was voted the best music store in the world by NAM and changed the way people did product reviews and explanations on YouTube before the even Kardashians existed!

Jack, however, did not talk about their social media strategy at all, instead he told a story of how they got rid of 3000+ articles on their blog, only keeping the evergreen things and rewriting a LOT. The results were amazing: more traffic from less articles. A truly inspiring presentation which had many people holding their breath at some of the facts.

From Jack Cooper and Andrew Chart’s presentation

And remember, the first rule of Wolfpack is to always talk about Wolfpack!

To watch the most recent Marketing Wolfpack presentation, check out our live stream HERE.


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