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Breaking News: Mapp Has Officially Acquired Webtrekk!

Kimberly de Silva
Breaking News: Mapp Has Officially Acquired Webtrekk!

Today, we announced the completion of the acquisition of Webtrekk, the European leader in marketing analytics and customer intelligence software. Webtrekk is now fully a Mapp company – while simultaneously remaining a stand-alone solution. For details, check out the official press release here.

Now for the important stuff: What does this mean for you and your team?


1. Mapp’s Campaign Dashboards, Powered by Webtrekk

You can’t optimize what you can’t measure. Mapp’s Campaign Dashboards allows you to see campaign performance in a way you haven’t been able to before. Analyze your marketing performance through intuitive and insightful dashboards and reports with Mapp, powered by Webtrekk.

Marketing Analytics experts at Webtrekk have created a set of dashboards and reports specifically for data generated by Mapp Marketing Cloud. They are a set of easy-to-understand dashboards that enable you to understand customer growth and engagement trends across all campaigns. The detailed campaign analysis includes a breakdown by geography, device, weekday, and hour, as well as individual message and send-out performance.

Learn more about Campaign Dashboards.

2. Mapp’s Customer Insights, Powered by Webtrekk

Not every customer fits into a predefined marketing persona. Even if they did, relying on static segments is not going to do much for your marketing performance. Mapp Intelligence is already used by more than 200 brands to delineate, predict, and visualize customer profiles.

The platform, powered by Webtrekk, uses previous transaction data, browsing behavior, and contact history to score every single customer and anonymous website visitor based on their likelihood to take the next action, i.e. churn/convert. Use these newly-generated insights to execute cross-channel marketing natively through Mapp Engage, initiating personalized and automated communications across email, social, mobile push, in-app messaging, SMS, microsites, and paid media.

Learn more about Customer Insights.

3. Mapp’s Product and Content Recommendations, Powered by Webtrekk

Make every single customer-brand interaction count with highly-relevant and personalized content. Now Mapp Intelligence allows you to pick the best products and content based on previous purchase history, as well as viewed products across multiple visits and interactions. Choose the most appropriate recommendation logic depending on the specific scenarios.

You can go beyond simply recommending the bestselling products to new visitors, instead recommend products that other visitors bought when they entered through the same campaign or products that are most relevant based on their last purchase or browse. It doesn’t have to stop at recommendations on your website, you can use the same recommendation logic across all digital touchpoints (email, web, an in-app messages) for a cohesive customer journey.

Learn more about Product & Content Recommendations.

 4. Mapp’s Audience Streams, Powered by Webtrekk

Nothing speaks louder than actions, especially when it comes to the actions your customers and prospects take on your website. Mapp Marketing Cloud captures granular customer behavior and combines it with customer profile scores. The behavior is tracked using your own web domain, ensuring you are not limited to capturing customer data for only 7 days (unlike other vendors).

In the future, AI models will then pick the best communications strategy, whether it is a hyper-personalized email, mobile push notification, SMS message, display banner, or nothing at all. Push audience and customer data to Mapp Engage or a third-party system (like Facebook or Google) to target those users who have interacted with your website.

Learn more about Audience Streams.

5. Mapp’s Website Personalization, Powered by Webtrekk

Creating a personalized user experience is the holy grail of digital marketing. With Mapp and Webtrekk’s onsite marketing tools, personalization not only becomes possible – it becomes easy. Deliver individualized teaser graphics, attention-grabbing layers, and interactive web elements, including product recommendations and popovers.

Predict and automate product recommendations based on user and purchase behavior. The individual customer data will show you conversion probabilities, forecasted order values, cancellation probabilities, and much more, so you can always remain one step ahead of your website users.

Learn more Website Personalization.


Mapp and Webtrekk just hosted a webinar to show marketers what they can do with the new joint offering, entitled “YOUR CUSTOMER DATA: FROM HUH? TO AHA! TO CLICKS!” Watch the webinar replay here:

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