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Looking for a Bronto Alternative? Choose from These 3 Email Marketing Platforms

Camille Sullivan
Looking for a Bronto Alternative? Choose from These 3 Email Marketing Platforms

Are you looking to switch from Bronto to a new digital marketing platform? Are you not satisfied with their email marketing capabilities?

If so, you might find yourself lost in the email software jungle, navigating through 450+ vendors all claiming best-in-class solutions… Sounds a bit scary, right? We’ve got your back! Mapp has the best alternatives to Bronto for email marketing activities, and beyond.

Bronto Alternative 1: MAPP

You guessed it right! Mapp is one of the best Bronto alternatives in the market. Our digital marketing platform supports email marketing – and a multitude of other marketing channels.

Mapp delivers your message in the most powerful way with a tested and proven email marketing tool. You can plan, execute, and monitor email marketing campaigns in order to build customer loyalty, nurture leads, increase direct sales, and promote brand awareness every time a recipient clicks on emails.

Mapp’s Key Features:

  • Seamless integration of customer insights and email marketing activities (Intelligence-based user segments)
  • Optimized sendout time to increase email engagement (Best Sendout Time)
  • Quick and intuitive content creation for outstanding email designs
  • Highly dynamic, interactive, and engaging emails thanks to AMP Technology (AMP for Email)
  • True personalization and smart automation for highly targeted email marketing activities
  • Reliable email deliverability through an experienced and dedicated in-house team

Mapp doesn’t only provide outstanding email marketing capabilities. We also offer a wide range of features for insight-led cross-channel marketing:

  • Benefit from a 360° customer view for every single user by visualizing attributes, transactions, and engagement (Unified Customer Profile)
  • Use marketing automation for a seamless and fully integrated experience to build more personalized customer journeys (Open Marketing Automation Platform)
  • Track website visitors without using any cookies with user-identifiable information (Cookieless Tracking)
  • Mapp lets you add SMS to your cross-channel marketing strategy and integrate with the 5 global SMS Gateway providers to ensure the lowest costs across the globe
  • Target app users through geo-fencing and send real-time push notifications (Location Targeting for Mobile Push Messages)
  • Integrate all your best-in-class platforms for seamless connectivity across your entire marketing stack. Mapp Cloud gets along with everyone thanks to our open API.

In addition, Mapp offers comprehensive support in the areas of customer intelligence, marketing analytics, personalization, email marketing, and cross-channel automation. With Mapp, it’s very easy to create real-time, reliable marketing insights that enable a one-to-one level of personalization.

With our solution, you profit from a great price/value for enterprise capabilities, easy onboarding, short implementation times, ready-to-use functionalities, and outstanding account and customer success management.


Mailchimp and its email newsletter platform are especially popular with small businesses and freelancers. For these target groups, Mailchimp is excellent because it lets them use the service for free until a certain threshold of email subscribers. The drag-and-drop email builder lets you create email newsletter templates with no HTML experience or IT support.

The Mailchimp features include automation, custom forms, email blasts, and targeted emails, as well as reports and analytics. However, if you’re eCommerce-focused, their templates can feel a bit too simple. Their automation workflows are also somehow basic and quite limited when it comes to building complex marketing scenarios– for comparison, take a look at Mapp’s Open Marketing Automation Platform. Mailchimp also lacks a visual composer for automation, relying only on a list of emails in the sequence, which doesn’t give you that many options. After all, Mailchimp was made for email.

Key Features:

  • Smooth and intuitive visual email campaign and newsletter composer
  • Customize your sign-up forms and add your brand or product logos
  • Send email blasts to all your subscribers or group subscribers into segments
  • Manage repetitive tasks by using default marketing automation settings
  • A/B testing to compare two or more versions to figure out which performs better
  • Benefit from detailed analytics and dashboards filled with easy-to-understand visual reports

One downside with Mailchimp is that costs increase sharply when your email lists grow. This is a challenge, especially for the growth marketer. Mailchimp also lacks crucial capabilities for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) eCommerce. You might wonder if Mailchimp is the best email marketing automation software available. To compare, here is an overview of current must-haves in the D2C vertical, but also in eCommerce and Retail in general.

Overall, Mailchimp is a great email marketing software if you are starting out with professional activities. After some time, with the internal experience gained or with very ambitious marketing and business goals, you might consider going to the next level with a more advanced email marketing solution that includes enterprise features. Moreover, take a look for platform with integrated analytics and a cross-channel-marketing approach.


HubSpot is a remarkable inbound marketing and sales software built for companies that want to use proven techniques for bringing in new customers. Hubspot coined the phrase “inbound marketing.” It’s the approach the platform is built around. Therefore, you might not consider it an email marketing software in a narrow sense. HubSpot is an email marketing solution that has the tools you need to engage prospects and nurture them into leads and customers.

Hubspot allows you to create compelling marketing emails for interaction and to grow your audience. You can start from scratch, with an easy and intuitive email builder, or you use one of the goal-based templates available. The email marketing module is automatically connected to the CRM, so you can tailor emails based on contact details stored there.

Key Features:

  • Create attractive emails, without designers or IT, using the drag-and-drop editor or select a pre-defined template
  • Integrate sales and marketing activities by effortlessly nurturing leads through the buyers’ journey
  • Customize email activities using an email subscriber’s lifecycle stage, existing email lists, or other information available in the CRM
  • Increase engagement with emails automatically and individually tailored content
  • Optimize your email activities with A/B tests and analytics

But there are also some downsides to HubSpot. Once you move up to one of their paid plans, things can get costly rather quickly. They also lack the ability to add multiple email addresses to a single contact record or merge various subdomains of the same company. For constant high email deliverability rates, HubSpot might not necessarily be your top pick. Better alternatives are email marketing vendors with dedicated in-house teams for each of your target markets (this especially applies if you operate in various European markets). Moreover, for individual project management and tailor-made technical solutions, you can find better options in the email marketing market.

In general, with Hubspot, you might pay for a lot of features you don’t necessarily need. The key is knowing exactly what features you need and not paying an excessive amount for features you don’t.

Bronto Alternatives: Take your Pick

Bronto works well for marketers looking for an email marketing solution. But if you are looking for more capabilities that will help you boost your customer experience, you should have a closer look at the alternatives above. Pick a platform vendor that you can trust, who will help you unlock your marketing potential and boost your ROI. Customer experience is key in 2021, so make sure you’re equipped with the right solution to tackle this challenge.

Not ready to take your pick yet? Mapp has put together a list of 11 must-ask questions when evaluating a new marketing vendor:

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