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Mapp Intelligence Takes Data-Driven Cross-Channel Marketing to the Next Level

With the launch of Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk, Mapp proudly introduces an intuitive solution that generates clear customer insights for the finance, e-commerce/retail, and publishing industries. This innovation is a substantial step towards the integration of Webtrekk’s customer intelligence and marketing analytics software with Mapp’s digital marketing cloud, Mapp Cloud.

Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk enriches Mapp’s portfolio, comprising the Mapp Engage cross-channel execution engine and the Mapp Acquire data management platform to deliver a truly comprehensive package for real marketing intelligence. The customer intelligence solution – enabling the collection, analysis, and activation of first-party data – is the “brain” of Mapp’s digital marketing cloud.

Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk delivers the following services:

Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, says: “In an ever more complex marketing landscape, the launch of Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk will provide companies with a solution that supports marketers by dramatically simplifying their daily work. By integrating Webtrekk’s analytics and AI expertise into Mapp Cloud, we can now deliver a fully comprehensive service to our customers that enables them to easily manage their entire cross-channel marketing. We are becoming a true marketing intelligence platform – delivering added value far beyond conventional marketing clouds.”


Marketing Wolfpack

Are you ready to join the Marketing Wolfpack?

Marketing events are a dime a dozen these days, it’s a wonder there isn’t an “Expo-Expo” or a “Marketing Event-Event” out there to showcase all the things one can go to as a marketing professional. Having this in the back of my mind, I decided the people needed something else, something that would give back to the marketing community – but not cost a thing. With that, the Marketing Wolfpack was born.

A mix of intimate conversation, mind-blowing content, and great networking seems to be a hit with marketers of all creeds and talents so far. However, we wanted to add more differentiation to the fray so decided no sales were allowed at the event – creating a learning and networking experience. This paired with a space where any question is welcome at any time definitely proved valuable during the Wolfpack presentations.

What March’s Wolfpack Meeting Brought To The Table:

The theme was set: Actually do stuff in 2019 (that your boss will sign off on) struck a chord for all who attended and discussed it online.

The speakers for March’ event were leaders in their respective fields. First up, we had Georgia from Hedgehog Labs, an app development consultancy, with “AR we there yet? Why Augmented Reality is going to take off in 2019”. The quote by Apple – “Imagine if the line between the virtual and the real simply didn’t exist – underpinned the presentation’s content accompanied by fascinating reasons and instances of Augmented Reality. Some truly breath-taking examples garnered lots of questions and comments.

From “AR we there yet? Why Augmented Reality is going to take off in 2019”

The second speaker for the evening was Sarah Clay from Sarah Clay Social Media Consultancy, with a presentation titled “The Future of Social Media in 2019”. She discussed the importance of social media in the world of modern marketing and where marketers can optimize their social spend.

For example, ads are 68% cheaper than traditional CPC in the Facebook feed, but 90% cheaper for ads on Instagram. She also clued us into the world of Twitter Chats (Alt: Tweet Chats) that is getting a lot of attention online and adds another level of interaction for professionals and even customers on Twitter. Google it… seriously, it’s good!

From “The Future of Social Media in 2019”

The third speaker of the evening was our very own Ricardas Montvilla, Director of Product Strategy at Mapp. His presentation title piqued the interest of all in attendance: “What Do Privacy and Horse meat Have in Common?” It was a truly eye-opening discussion about how the world has changed since GDPR was introduced. We looked at the use of data, the collection of data, and the question of “whether it is better if you don’t know.”

From “What Do Privacy and Horse meat Have in Common?”

What June’s Wolfpack Meeting Highlighted:

Our second event in June was even bigger and better, being streamed live on Twitter to benefit marketers in different time zones. This time around, I reached far and wide in my network to find more crème de la crème talent.

First up was Andy Duggan from BP, who started off the evening’s presentations talking about apps and the strategies certain large companies are using to build engagement and brand awareness. He really gave it to certain brands, but demonstrated why McDonalds is amazing at engagement in-app and in restaurant. He also showed the challenges they face at BP with their Pay-at-Pump systems and how they upsell even when a user pays with their phone, not needing to walk more than 3 meters.

From Andy Duggan’s presentation

Second up that evening was Daniel Clayton from Logitech (Urban Ears, Jaybird). What he said mande everyone look at their phones for a good minute. Is your content going to DM’s? Are people sharing content 1-to-1 instead of mentioning, tagging and linking to your company?

It was a great journey on how brands are increasing views and likes but decreasing the engagement. Engagement which is being offset by the sharing through direct messages. He discussed this phenomena with examples like Love Island (a popular UK tv show and other brand examples.

From Daniel Clayton’s presentation

Last, but in no means least, were Jack Cooper and Andrew Chart from Andertongs Music Store. A small store in Guildford, Surrey (UK), it was voted the best music store in the world by NAM and changed the way people did product reviews and explanations on YouTube before the even Kardashians existed!

Jack, however, did not talk about their social media strategy at all, instead he told a story of how they got rid of 3000+ articles on their blog, only keeping the evergreen things and rewriting a LOT. The results were amazing: more traffic from less articles. A truly inspiring presentation which had many people holding their breath at some of the facts.

From Jack Cooper and Andrew Chart’s presentation

And remember, the first rule of Wolfpack is to always talk about Wolfpack!

To watch the most recent Marketing Wolfpack presentation, check out our live stream HERE.


And if this has sparked your interest, join the Meetup group and get notified about upcoming Wolfpack meetings:
mapp acquired Webtrekk celebration

Breaking News: Mapp Has Officially Acquired Webtrekk!

Today, we announced the completion of the acquisition of Webtrekk, the European leader in marketing analytics and customer intelligence software. Webtrekk is now fully a Mapp company – while simultaneously remaining a stand-alone solution. For details, check out the official press release here.

Now for the important stuff: What does this mean for you and your team?


1. Mapp’s Campaign Dashboards, Powered by Webtrekk

You can’t optimize what you can’t measure. Mapp’s Campaign Dashboards allows you to see campaign performance in a way you haven’t been able to before. Analyze your marketing performance through intuitive and insightful dashboards and reports with Mapp, powered by Webtrekk.

Marketing Analytics experts at Webtrekk have created a set of dashboards and reports specifically for data generated by Mapp Cloud. They are a set of easy-to-understand dashboards that enable you to understand customer growth and engagement trends across all campaigns. The detailed campaign analysis includes a breakdown by geography, device, weekday, and hour, as well as individual message and send-out performance.

Learn more about Campaign Dashboards.

2. Mapp’s Customer Insights, Powered by Webtrekk

Not every customer fits into a predefined marketing persona. Even if they did, relying on static segments is not going to do much for your marketing performance. Mapp Intelligence is already used by more than 200 brands to delineate, predict, and visualize customer profiles.

The platform, powered by Webtrekk, uses previous transaction data, browsing behavior, and contact history to score every single customer and anonymous website visitor based on their likelihood to take the next action, i.e. churn/convert. Use these newly-generated insights to execute cross-channel marketing natively through Mapp Engage, initiating personalized and automated communications across email, social, mobile push, in-app messaging, SMS, microsites, and paid media.

Learn more about Customer Insights.

3. Mapp’s Product and Content Recommendations, Powered by Webtrekk

Make every single customer-brand interaction count with highly-relevant and personalized content. Now Mapp Intelligence allows you to pick the best products and content based on previous purchase history, as well as viewed products across multiple visits and interactions. Choose the most appropriate recommendation logic depending on the specific scenarios.

You can go beyond simply recommending the bestselling products to new visitors, instead recommend products that other visitors bought when they entered through the same campaign or products that are most relevant based on their last purchase or browse. It doesn’t have to stop at recommendations on your website, you can use the same recommendation logic across all digital touchpoints (email, web, an in-app messages) for a cohesive customer journey.

Learn more about Product & Content Recommendations.

 4. Mapp’s Audience Streams, Powered by Webtrekk

Nothing speaks louder than actions, especially when it comes to the actions your customers and prospects take on your website. Mapp Cloud captures granular customer behavior and combines it with customer profile scores. The behavior is tracked using your own web domain, ensuring you are not limited to capturing customer data for only 7 days (unlike other vendors).

In the future, AI models will then pick the best communications strategy, whether it is a hyper-personalized email, mobile push notification, SMS message, display banner, or nothing at all. Push audience and customer data to Mapp Engage or a third-party system (like Facebook or Google) to target those users who have interacted with your website.

Learn more about Audience Streams.

5. Mapp’s Website Personalization, Powered by Webtrekk

Creating a personalized user experience is the holy grail of digital marketing. With Mapp and Webtrekk’s onsite marketing tools, personalization not only becomes possible – it becomes easy. Deliver individualized teaser graphics, attention-grabbing layers, and interactive web elements, including product recommendations and popovers.

Predict and automate product recommendations based on user and purchase behavior. The individual customer data will show you conversion probabilities, forecasted order values, cancellation probabilities, and much more, so you can always remain one step ahead of your website users.

Learn more Website Personalization.


Mapp and Webtrekk just hosted a webinar to show marketers what they can do with the new joint offering, entitled “YOUR CUSTOMER DATA: FROM HUH? TO AHA! TO CLICKS!” Watch the webinar replay here:

Mapp Intelligence Powered by Webtrekk

10 reasons why Mapp acquiring Webtrekk was a no brainer

When an opportunity comes along that just seems too good to be true, you can’t stop but look for reasons why it might be a bad idea. So when we were approached to combine forces with Webtrekk, we interviewed over 20 analysts, customers, and industry experts and every single one of them was ecstatic about this opportunity. As a result, I am finding it extremely easy to come up with a list of 10 reasons why Mapp and Webtrekk joining forces is great not only for our businesses but, more importantly, for our joint customers.

1. It’s what you asked for

The numerous customer interviews and discussion pointed out the gaps and weaknesses of Mapp’s analytics capabilities. One of our choices was following the same path as our competitors by creating a limited set of pre-defined dashboards supporting individual marketing use cases.

Instead, we will now be able to offer enterprise-grade analytics against all of the data our customers choose to upload into Mapp Cloud. This will not only support campaign analytics use cases but also customer intelligence, attribution modeling, cross-channel customer journey visualization and much more.

2. Joint customers

Webtrekk and Mapp share a very similar customer profile and solve the same type of challenges faced by marketing stakeholders. Both companies work with brands and agencies that don’t buy into marketing clouds that overpromise, overcharge and underdeliver.

3. The value we place on first-party data and its security

As the Economist puts it, “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.”

And they are not even exaggerating: five out of six of the most valuable companies in the world are technology companies, with only one out of six being in the oil industry. This compared to just one technology company 12 years ago. In other words, data is the oil of the digital era.


It’s one of the main reasons why some of the largest brick-and-mortar retailers are defining their strategies by being data-driven companies, rather than being the most price-conscious or convenient retailers.

First-party data provides brands the biggest competitive advantage:

Mapp’s focus has always been on unlocking the goldmine that is your first-party data and we look up to Webtrekk’s ideas and vision on the subject. We have been using their content to train our internal teams and partners on the value of first-party data and the risks of data leakage way before we knew there was an opportunity to merge with them.

Both businesses serve a large set of financial services customers and operate across secure data centers in Germany, ensuring that the data is not only physically secure, but operationally as well.

4. Joint strategy 1+1=3

What every marketer dreams of is their ability to turn insights (the “Aha!” moments) into engagements (Clicks!). Marketers want to take behavioral data from any source, configure messages, and set the campaign live across all channels in order to drive the engagements leading to conversions. It’s a very simple concept.

The reality for most marketers, however, is significantly different. In most cases, brands start with data and then they have to configure campaigns within each channel individually. One way or another, this leads to an increase in conversions, but in most cases reports are based on last click attribution. The process works, but is notoriously hard to optimize when engagements are not coordinated.

The acquisition of Webtrekk supports Mapp’s vision of combined engagement and analytics to create a platform that helps marketers select the best channel mix and, ultimately, offer a better ROI than enterprise marketing clouds.

Why should brands consider Mapp? Because a single, real-time, and complete view of the customer fueling both marketing analytics and cross-channel engagement is the only way to create a sustainable competitive advantage and long-term loyal customer base. It’s not something that standalone CDPs or point solutions can offer.

In other words, Mapp Cloud can now provide…


5. Unprecedented access to data and mitigation of ITP 2.1. challenges

Have you ever wondered what data you actually need to extract the most valuable insight? Lucky for you and me, analytics researchers and professors at Virginia University have already figured it out. When it comes to predicting Customer LTV; Likelihood to Churn; or Likelihood to Convert, “customer demographics and transaction data are baseline for any prediction. It can take up to a year to deliver 54% accuracy.”


Differently said, if I sell you a £1 coin for £2, you are going to get a better ROI than if you would buy any AI platform that uses demographic and transaction data alone. You might as well be flipping a coin to decide what to do next in your marketing.

Mapp can already ingest a wide variety of data from various sources: eCommerce, web behavior, paid media impressions, etc. Webtrekk will significantly enhance Mapp’s connectivity through Mobile App behavior, IoT, Cross-device, and Addressable TV.

In addition, it will help our customers mitigate ITP 2.1. restrictions on the 7-day cookie expiry window through custom domain tracking. This ensures that we are capturing the most accurate and complete customer data. More on this here.

6. Enhanced channel offering

Mapp Cloud already integrates natively into email, SMS, Mobile Push, In-App and Paid media.  Webtrekk will further enhance the native channel execution to owned web through personalized banners and pop-overs.

Mobile capabilities play a large role in Mapp Cloud. We recently launched enhanced in-app and rich-push capabilities. We were the first vendor to offer rich-push videos on Android. Webtrekk will help us further solidify our mobile offering through Mobile Analytics SDK to allow our clients to track cross-channel customer journeys.

7. Access Analytics expertise on tap

The 2018 CMO Survey found that only 1.9% of marketing leaders report that their companies have the right talent to leverage marketing analytics. “Good data analysts, like good data, are hard to find.”

This not only applies to brands but also to technology vendors. Marketing analytics and intelligence played a huge part in our roadmap, but it would have been extremely hard for us to hire analytics specialists of the quality and at the scale that Webtrekk has to offer.

The insights the Webtrekk team has been able to show us after a week of analyzing Mapp Cloud data has blown us away and we can’t wait to see what else they can do.

Existing Mapp customers already know us for our ability to work as extensions of their teams when it comes to campaign execution. Now we will also be able to help extract valuable insights, spot opportunities, and work as an extension of their Analytics team.

8. Marketers are doubling down on analytics and so are we

The investment in analytics is expected to grow over 200% in the next 3 years and we assume it to be driven largely by the growing interest in Artificial Intelligence. CMOs are realizing that they will never be able to capitalize on the full benefits that AI has to offer until businesses fully adopt and operationalize marketing analytics. Analytics skills around data cleansing, preparation, crunching insights, and operationalizing them are the basic requirements to apply AI as a strategy rather than a tactical deployment. There is only so much a business can be done with tactical black box AI solutions. 

CMO Survey

9. Expansion into artificial intelligence

We are entering the 4thIndustrial Revolution where our (human) strengths can be enhanced with more powerful processing capacity. This is also an extremely exciting time for us (marketers) as we have to ask ourselves:

Would I rather spend my days configuring rules and events that should trigger customer communications? Or would I rather focus on intricacies of customer behavior so I can train my AI colleague on the best way to orchestrate customer interactions?

I know which one I would pick.

For the better part of the last six months, we have been exploring all of AI’s possibilities on the existing Mapp Cloud data layer. We had some successes and some hiccups, but most importantly, our customers can already benefit from the ability to send messages at the most appropriate time for each individual customer.

Webtrekk not only enhances Mapp Cloud’s AI capabilities, but they shoot us ahead of the competition with over 200 clients already using their customer intelligence AI capabilities to predict customer behavior such as “next best offer”, ”likelihood to churn”, “likelihood to convert”, and “next order value.” Beyond are some of the bespoke models they have built for some customers using their in-house data science and AI team.


The ability to trigger a re-engagement flow based on customer behavior online is baseline for any marketing automation vendor. The ability to predict a customer’s likelihood to convert throughout the session in real-time and then deciding on the best action is where we are heading. We could not be prouder of the Webtrekk team as they are receiving a Gold Stevie award in Real-time Predictions for websites in the “Best New Product or Service” category.

10. Converging roadmaps

Both Mapp and Webtrekk offer functionality that is core to any marketing organization, and both are known for offering great service and even better value for money.

While both platforms have evolved with various marketing challenges in mind, the strategy and the scope of their future roadmaps have started to converge. Mapp and Webtrekk are continuing to extend their Customer Data Platform and doubling down on customer intelligence and AI.

It’s truly exciting news to Mapp and Webtrekk customers and we can’t wait to share more updates in the coming weeks! Register for our upcoming webinar to stay up to date:
If you are in Europe, register here. If you are in North America, sign up here. 
mapp party roadshow

Don’t miss out: Mapp’s Roadshow For Marketing Rebels

Do you tend to follow the flock when it comes to marketing decisions? Or do you take risks and try new things?

The new Mapp is here to help you take those risks and break away from the pack with your marketing. To celebrate our transformation into a badass brand, we are hosting a five-city roadshow all across the globe. And you’re invited!

tour stops - roadshow


RSVP to Mapp’s Roadshow in the closest city near you:

Save your spot for Milan, Italy

Save your spot for Los Angeles, USA

Save your spot for Munich, Germany

Save your spot for London, UK

Save your spot for Paris, France


Come unleash your inner marketing rebel at our roadshow event and meet your fellow rebel marketers!

CSA Summit 2019 Recap: Email Made For You

The 6th CSA Summit took place on the 10th-12thof April 2019 in Cologne, following the motto “Email Made For You.” This conference is hosted annually by the German Association of the Internet with 200 professionals who work in the email marketing space. Mapp made sure to secure a spot with email deliverability experts André Görmer (Director of Deliverability), Massimiliano Chiucchiu (Deliverability Specialist), and Florian Vierke (Manager of Deliverability Services) in attendance.

A wide variety of technical and marketing-related topics were covered during the event. Here are some highlights if you weren’t able to attend yourself:

Key takeaways for Mapp:

Right now, Mapp already supports clients who want to set up DMARC and BIMI. For DMARC reports, our new partnership with DMARCIAN helps to provide better insights to our clients. Regarding interactive email, Mapp is working hard to be able to provide exciting email capabilities to our customers.

Massimiliano and Florian from Mapp Deliverability Services

Thanks to the CSA Team and the sponsors, as well as all national and international guests who made this event possible. See you next year 😊
strong quarter results

Mapp Empower: Announcing a Strong First Quarter

Today, we announced the close of a strong quarter, in which the Mapp acquired new key customers, increased their agency customer base by 21%, and generated significant revenue solely from our new agency-friendly email marketing platform.

“We identified a gap in the market amongst agencies and consulting firms looking to serve multiple clients with a strong marketing automation tool. At the beginning of 2019, Mapp launched an email marketing platform designed specifically for agencies: Mapp Empower. Mapp Empower allows agencies to retain full ownership of their clients’ experience through a multi-tenant, white label solution and a hands-off approach from Mapp as a vendor,” said Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp. “We anticipated that Mapp Empower would become a top choice for partners going forward and now, at the end of Q1, this has been validated.”

Highlights from Mapp’s first quarter of 2019 include:

To learn more about Mapp Empower, check out our product overview here.

Quartely Review

Quarterly Review: Mapp’s Q1 Product Updates

With 2018 in the rearview mirror, Mapp has entered 2019 with more steam than an old-timey locomotive.

Last year, we were very much focused on what is dubbed “Project Health” and Mobile Push functionality. Project Health was all about getting the platform ready for big data and bigger sending volumes – all while remaining stable and dependable. The majority of our development and product resources were aimed at the foundation: optimizing and enhancing existing features.

Enough of the past, however, as 2019 brings us the opportunity to really focus on the marketer using the platform. We want this year to bring loads of new features that make your life as a marketer easier and more efficient. It’s an opportunity to bring awesome insights, kick-ass experiences, and efficient processes to enhance your marketing activities.

Q1 took off with a leap. Today, we will look over the major and minor updates (honorable mention) to Mapp’s platform in the past 3 months.

1. Inbox Monitoring: 

We have and are still in the process of transferring over our platforms to a new provider for “render testing” and “inbox monitoring”. Render testing on Mapp Empower and Mapp Engage is a popular feature, so we found a provider who offers a similar, seamless integration but provides more features. Another reason for choosing a new provider was the capability that allows you, the marketer, to see if your email actually landed in the inbox. This feature sits alongside the render testing and takes only a couple of moments to set-up.

2. Content Management User Permissions: 

You asked, we listened! You are now able to assign specific people to have access to sections of an email. This way you can control who edits what and restrict it where needed.

3. Whiteboard: 

Mapp Engage’s Whiteboard feature was always powerful but built with a true omnichannel experience in mind, we have now made it easier for marketers to use. Remember: efficiency and ease-of-use is a way of life here at Mapp.

Whiteboards can now be edited while running and live. This means you can adjust actions, timings, or even add items while the program does its thing. Less chance of forgetting to turn it back on and less chance of losing revenue due to programs being paused.

Add “Related Data User Specific Record Added” to your Whiteboard when you want a new event to be set in motion in your Whiteboard after new third-party data comes in. For example, if an individual changes their preferences in the Magento webshop, it will trigger the corresponding journey in the Whiteboard based on this new event.

Adding “Related Data – Import Data/Update Record” to the Whiteboard allows you to import fresh data from any source for segmentation and personalization before any send out through the Whiteboard and use related data sets as an extended set of attributes for the contact.

New items relating to acquisition workflows in Mapp Acquire are now available in the Whiteboard. “Exits Acquire Audience” allows you to decide precisely who the audience for your display ads are, within the Whiteboard. “Remove from DMP Audience” allows the marketer to remove any contacts from a specific audience based on the occurrence of defined criteria.

4. Segmentation Builder:

Our drag and drop interface for the Segmentation Builder has yet another new condition bucket you can use: Related Data. If you are not familiar with Related Data, it’s a way to store additional customer data (or even product/services data separately) which you can segment for truly individualized campaigns.

5. Mobile Channels:

As we continue to move forward with a mobile-first strategy, Mapp has invested heavily in a tighter integration between Mapp Engage and its mobile channels. If you haven’t added mobile to your repertoire yet, check out the benefits that Mapp can help you deliver here. You can now compose push notifications and in-app messages in Mapp Engage. There is a simple reason for that: we need this in order to unify all message composition processes in the not so far future, in order to have a better user experience when composing a message. This is the first building block as part of that new unified message composition process.


Reach out to our team at if you have questions about these new product developments and how they can benefit your business. While we move into the second quarter of the year, we look forward to keeping you in the loop about all Mapp’s product innovations. 

Mapp Welcomes John Fitzgerald

Press Release: Mapp Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer

Mapp welcomes John Fitzgerald as our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), following an extensive global search.

John brings to Mapp more than 20 years of experience working with growth-stage technology and digital media companies. He managed integral areas of business, including capital fundraising, acquisitions and divestitures, investor relations, and strategic planning efforts. Over the course of his career with venture-backed companies, John raised over $200 million and managed financial operations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He began his career with Arthur Andersen, LLP and held subsequent financial leadership roles with Verve, Brickfish, Veoh Networks, and BakBone Software.

“So far, 2019 has been an exciting year for Mapp with our relaunched brand, rebellious sheep mascot, and new competitive product offerings. Adding John to the team is a great step in helping us take a bold stance in the market. His proven leadership in financial operations, along with his background working in mobile, social media, content, and data protection, is an ideal fit for Mapp as we work to extend our positive momentum and achieve greater revenue growth in 2019”, said Steve Warren, Chief Executive Officer of Mapp. “With John being a San Diego local, our U.S. team is excited to work closely with him in Mapp’s Headquarters in San Diego, California.”

As CFO, John will report to Steve Warren and the Marlin Investment Group while overseeing Mapp’s finance, accounting, human resources, investor relations, office management, internal audit, and legal areas of the business. John will help Mapp finetune its competitive pricing as we develop new product lines and platform capabilities, in order to offer packages that fit customers’ evolving needs in the marketplace.

The Shard view

3 Takeaways From a 1,000 Feet in the Air With Fresh Relevance

We had a blast with Fresh Relevance last week at the top of The Shard in London! Mapp got to co-host a seminar on personalization and customer centricity in the digital landscape. The presentations were dynamic, engaging, and included lots of action-oriented content.

One of the presentations was from our very own Product Strategy Director, Ric Montvilla, who has been helping marketers navigate the complexity of the digital marketing technology landscape for the last 8 years. His presentation took the form of a story that reflects the ultimate retail consumer journey with customer centricity at the heart.

What Are The Challenges With The Digital Experience?

Marketers are under more pressure than ever. They are expected to be creative, commercially aware, and technically savvy. They need to innovate at scale without cannibalizing their traditional business models and revenue streams. What makes it even more difficult is that all tech vendors and agencies are promising to deliver incredible results, however choosing what to focus on next and moving the business closer to the true ’nirvana’ of customer centricity is the real challenge.

Research shows that 65% of consumers are disconnecting from blanket personalization strategies. In addition, 79% of consumers want brands to demonstrate they care before considering a purchase. As a result, marketers have to find new ways of differentiating to stay top of mind.

Customer journeys are not about someone having a need to buy a product or service. It also doesn’t end when someone has purchased the item. Great customer journeys are about taking someone that is agnostic to the brand and turning them into loyal brand advocates.

How Do You Implement The Ultimate Digital Experience (UDX)?

Ric's presentation

3 Takeaways About The Ultimate Digital Experience (UDX):

The Ultimate Digital Experience enhances the traditional purchasing path by adding value at every stage of the customer journey through personalized, relevant, content-rich, and orchestrated engagement at the right time and location.

As Ric stated at the event: “Remember the following 3 things about the UDX:

  1. Not all channels are meant to sell. Identify the purpose of each channel for your brand to create loyal customer relationships.
  2. Combining Advertising and Marketing is the largest and most cost-efficient quick win any marketing organization can leverage to differentiate themselves.
  3. Great customer experiences lead to a greater affinity with the brand.”

The solution lies in breaking down the data silos between Marketing and Advertising (and all other departments) to optimize marketing spend and create seamless customer journeys. There are many things you can do as a marketer, but we truly believe this delivers the biggest advantage in the quickest timeframe and at the lowest price point.

To find out more about the Ultimate Digital Experience and how Mapp can help you set up your own customer-centric journey, schedule a personalized demo.