CSA Summit 2019 Recap: Email Made For You

Florian Vierke

The 6th CSA Summit took place on the 10th-12thof April 2019 in Cologne, following the motto “Email Made For You.” This conference is hosted annually by the German Association of the Internet with 200 professionals who work in the email marketing space. Mapp made sure to secure a spot with email deliverability experts André Görmer (Director of Deliverability), Massimiliano Chiucchiu (Deliverability Specialist), and Florian Vierke (Manager of Deliverability Services) in attendance.

A wide variety of technical and marketing-related topics were covered during the event. Here are some highlights if you weren’t able to attend yourself:

Key takeaways for Mapp:

Right now, Mapp already supports clients who want to set up DMARC and BIMI. For DMARC reports, our new partnership with DMARCIAN helps to provide better insights to our clients. Regarding interactive email, Mapp is working hard to be able to provide exciting email capabilities to our customers.

Massimiliano and Florian from Mapp Deliverability Services

Thanks to the CSA Team and the sponsors, as well as all national and international guests who made this event possible. See you next year 😊