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CSA Summit 2024: A Comprehensive Review

Florian Vierke, Senior Manager in Deliverability Services @ Mapp
CSA Summit 2024: A Comprehensive Review

The CSA Summit 2024 was a significant event that brought together industry leaders to discuss the future of email security and deliverability. We attended the event in Cologne to uncover answers for some key questions:

  • What will be possible and necessary for successful emailing in the future?
  • What are mailbox providers currently working on in order to serve customer expectations?
  • What data senders should track consistently to ensure optimal performance and deliverability.
  • What does the new reality look like in a world concerned about privacy?

Fueled with new insights, we’re excited to share these with you. In this blog post, you’ll learn the key topics discussed during the summit.

1. New Google and Yahoo Requirements

One of the main topics of discussion was the new requirements set by Google and Yahoo. The consensus was that the p=none policy will not be the last step in their efforts to enhance email security. Instead, the ultimate goal is to identify every single sender, reducing the chances of phishing and spam emails reaching users’ inboxes.

Our Deliverability Team covered these requirements in our webinar earlier this year in a short webinar below:

2. Complaint Feedback Loop Address Header (RFC 9477)

Another important topic was the Complaint Feedback Loop Address Header, as defined in RFC 9477. Although recipients are not broadly supporting it yet, it is recommended for implementation. Mapp, one of the leading providers of cloud-based digital marketing solutions, is already looking into this. The feedback loop will allow senders to receive automated feedback about complaints, helping them improve their practices and maintain their reputation.

3. CSA Monitor Update

The CSA Monitor was updated with additional data sources, providing more comprehensive and accurate data for users. One of the key data points introduced is the ability to see our data deviation against other senders. This feature will allow senders to benchmark their performance and make necessary adjustments to improve their email deliverability.

4. Individual Domain Whitelist

In addition to the existing IP whitelist, CSA announced plans to introduce an individual domain whitelist. While there are no specific details available yet, this development is expected to provide more flexibility and control to email senders, further enhancing the security and deliverability of emails.

Thanks for having us!

The CSA Summit 2024 offered important insights into the future of email security and deliverability, emphasizing the industry’s ongoing efforts to enhance practices for secure and efficient email delivery. We had a great time!

Mpp Deliverability team attending the CSA Summit 2024.

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