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Data Analysis Made Easy with Mapp Marketing Cloud’s Analytics Solution

Thomas Kalinna, Senior Presales Consultant @ Mapp
Data Analysis Made Easy with Mapp Marketing Cloud’s Analytics Solution

Data analysis serves as the compass navigating you toward exceptional customer experiences. While dashboards are a standard feature in analytics solutions, how they structure your data can extend beyond marketing to encompass overall business activities.

The user interface’s friendliness within the analytics platform acts as the bridge, bringing your data to the forefront and giving it meaningful context. Without this bridge, your capacity to unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts becomes constrained.

Our CDP uses data models as an anchor for flexible, insightful, and user-friendly customer profiles for a holistic view and helps teams observe their marketing channels, product activities, and conversions openly. Now, imagine layering this with real-time behavioral tracking. In this blog, we’ll demonstrate how Mapp’s Data Analysis Dashboards are powered to provide invaluable insights to optimize your marketing strategies.


PHASE 1: The Journey Begins with Data Collection

The first step in the process is to collect data. Mapp Marketing Cloud uses a GDPR-compliant JavaScript tracking tool and a server-to-server tracking API to gather first-party data. This data is securely stored in our data centers located in Germany.

In addition to tracking the origin of your valuable visitors and the campaigns they have engaged with, Mapp Marketing Cloud also measures metrics such as views, clicks, scroll depth, downloads, and conversions. Additionally, Mapp Marketing Cloud keeps a close eye on the technical details of their devices and web browsers to ensure that the data collected is accurate.

Next, it’s about presenting this in a user-friendly format.

PHASE 2: Visualization

Our Data Analysis Dashboards are designed to transform your raw data into a visually appealing and informative masterpiece that tells a story. With these dashboards, you’ll see the beauty of every data point as you navigate through different aspects of visitor behavior and gain insights into various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that support your data-driven narrative. By using these dashboards, you can gauge your current performance and identify trends and patterns that can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level.

PHASE 3: Campaigns – Navigating the Customer Journey

Marketing campaigns are journeys, every visitor is an explorer, and Mapp Marketing Cloud’s Data Analysis campaign reports are your trusted guide. With friendly visualization, these dashboards help you identify where your visitors stand in their customer journey and how successful your marketing activities are at guiding them. The metrics in these reports easily provide a detailed view of revenue, costs, and the return on your advertising spend.

PHASE 4: Elevate Your E-Commerce Game

Our product and eCommerce reports can help you optimize your data and improve your e-commerce strategy. By analyzing the latest product trends taking place on your website, these reports can provide you with valuable insights. For instance, you can find out which products are frequently viewed but not purchased, or which ones suddenly gain popularity or are frequently found through internal searches. With this information, you can adjust your eCommerce strategy to cater to your audience’s needs and preferences and increase your chances of success.

Power your Insight-Led Marketing with Mapp Marketing Cloud

Our analytics reports and dashboards offer insightful insights into the behavior of your visitors and customers. They empower you to make informed decisions, create strategies that resonate, and take your marketing activities to the next level. Start your data-driven marketing with Mapp Marketing Cloud, where valuable insights are your daily companions on the journey to marketing excellence.

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