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An End of Year Message from our CEO, Steve Warren

Steve Warren,
CEO @Mapp
An End of Year Message from our CEO, Steve Warren

Happy Holidays!

Before we all say goodbye for the year and spend quality time celebrating festivities with loved ones, I wanted to take a moment to send an end-of-year message.

Lots of Kudos

Mapp has had a very successful 2021, full of tremendous growth and product innovation. I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our customers, including those that we’ve had the pleasure of working with for several years and for the newly added brands that joined our family this year.

I’d also like to thank our international group of hard-working employees who make Mapp better every day, and to our partners that help expand Mapp’s ecosystem.

We’ve Accomplished So Much

In 2020, Mapp set out on a mission to help our customers become Insight-led because, as Forrester Research confirmed, “insight-led business” will grow 7-10 X faster than the global economy. I am pleased to say that we have succeeded, and over 70% of new Mapp customers have adopted Mapp Intelligence. If you have not done so yet, I highly encourage you to reach out to your CSM asking for a demonstration.

In 2021, Mapp’s product and engineering teams also launched numerous Mapp Marketing Cloud enhancements and really cool features. Here are just a few to highlight:

Mapp Marketing Cloud now offers 2 new marketing channels – direct mail and web push notifications – in addition to its email, SMS, mobile push, in-app, retargeting, and web channels.

Marketers can intelligently track their most important KPIs with Goals & Forecasts

Unifying data can be streamlined, with integrations to eCommerce platforms like Shopify & Shopgate, or with custom integrations to almost all tech vendors with Data Feeds

Mapp’s Analytics API consolidates your different data sources, computes calculations for you, automates reporting, and enables data visualization in the application of your choice.

I encourage you to check out Mapp’s Top 10 of 2021 blog to see some of the best things that happened throughout the year – including product awards, amazing content, and new partnerships.

More to Come

I’m excited and hopeful for 2022! I hope it can be a year full of in-person collaboration, reunions, and celebration, both on a personal and business level, for everyone around the world.

In 2022, Mapp promises to help brands deliver exceptional customer experiences with cross-channel marketing, to keep innovating (we have enhancements to share as soon as next month!), and to build out a bigger network of partnerships & integrations.

Giving Is the Best

At the end of 2020, Mapp donated to the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund to help accelerate research and distribution of treatments. This year, as a continued symbol of our gratitude and on behalf of you, our valued customers and partners, we are making a donation to Make-A-Wish International.

Make-A-Wish International grants wishes to critically ill kids across 50 countries, giving them renewed joy, confidence, and hope.

Raise a Glass!

To hope! From all of us at Mapp, we wish you the best of holidays, a happy new year, a successful 2022, and continued hope. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you next year!



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