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Feature Spotlight: Topics of Interest

Thekla von Plate
Content Marketing Manager @Mapp
Feature Spotlight: Topics of Interest

In our last Winter Update, we decided to add a spark to customer segments and launched our Topics of Interests feature. This blog post gives you an overview of the benefits Topics of Interest bring for your business and why you should start using them right away for your marketing communication.


Do You Like Burgers? Let’s See Which Contacts in Your Database Also Do!

User segments can be based on countless parameters – be it location, buyer history, channel, etc. Now you can add a new element to that list – Topics of Interest. These let you type in a topic and Mapp selects the audience that has previously shown interest in it. And because that alone is not enough, we added a spark of AI to make things a little more interesting and, most importantly, more precise. It even helps you to find content that’s similar to the one you chose and is ideal for publishers or just about anyone with a vast content database.

Topics of Interest really do kill two birds with one stone. They let you create segments for the content of your choice – let’s say for the product deal of the month – and you’re guaranteed to include contacts on which you have very limited data. One-click in the past can be enough.

topics of interest


Topics of Interest help you to:

 identify very specific customer interests

 target your customers precisely with very diverse and rich communication

 re-engage passive customers with content they’re truly interested in


How Do Topics of Interest Work?

When you enter a topic of interest, Mapp’s AI selects all customers that have interacted with this topic in the past by scanning the text around links that have been clicked. The selection builder creates the association between interest and user. You’ll then also get content suggested that’s similar to the one you entered. For example: if you enter the term “diamond”, you’ll most likely see suggested content like “necklace, jewellery, gold”. In that way, the AI both selects matching users and keeps track of all your content. You can define search accuracy and limit search results for additional fine-tuning.


Use Case – Fashion Sale

Are you in the fashion industry? Then this scenario will sound pretty familiar to you.

Imagine you’re planning a physical event (such as a private sale) and would only like to invite customers that have shown interest in the brands available. Let Topics of Interest select those users and send them an invitation to your event. Your sales numbers will clearly improve when only people interested in the brands are joining the event. If you’d like to personalize even further, you can include a QR-code in the invitation. When scanned at the event, you know which customers actually showed up and are worth investing further marketing effort into –and it gives you the opportunity to greet every customer by name when they show up at the event.

Have we sparked your interest in our Topics of Interest? This feature is located in your segmentation builder and can be activated upon request. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.



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