Gmail Formally Launches Display of Sender Logos with BIMI

Florian Vierke

Monday, July 12th was the day many marketers had been waiting for! Last week Gmail announced the public start for their support of sender logos with BIMI. Details of the press release from Google can be found here.

The technology has been tested for over a year now, with a closed group of customers making up the pilot program.  Mapp was an early adopter and able to help our customer Josef Witt GmbH to become the first German company to implement BIMI successfully with Gmail using VMC certificates.

There are several requirements to display your logo:

 Senders must authenticate their emails and maintain an enforced DMARC policy.

 The logo also requires similar measures and a VMC (“verified mark certificate”) of authenticity is required. There are choices of certificate providers for the image and companies, such as DigiCert and Entrust. Mapp is offering a package for that as well!

 The sender reputation must be rated highly in Gmail’s estimation, as they will not apply the logo to mail considered spam or fraud.

Gmail is the second largest provider supporting BIMI. Verizon Media (with its brands Yahoo and AOL) has already offered this service for over a year. Gmail’s launch is considered a huge step towards the adoption of BIMI as a general standard in the industry.

If you are interested in deploying BIMI for your domain or have questions about how BIMI can help boost open rates and foster trust your emails, please contact the Mapp Deliverability team. We are happy to help with this emerging technology!