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Google users in the UK could lose EU data protection – with Mapp you are on the safe side

Google users in the UK could lose EU data protection – with Mapp you are on the safe side

You may have noticed a small blue alert pop up at the top of your Google Chrome browser, inviting you to take note of Google’s new terms of service.

That alert includes an announcement with huge implications: users are now no longer contracting with Google in Europe but with Google LLC, organised under the laws of the State of Delaware, USA.

The change of ownership and jurisdiction for tens of millions of accounts will place users’ data in a system that has significantly less secure data laws than in Europe.

With this shift comes a question over the future data security for UK businesses that use Google Analytics. Mapp’s analytics platform Mapp Intelligence offers a reassuring alternative.

This is why: Mapp is a Europe-based analytics service provider, and as such can ensure GDPR’s world-beating levels of security for users of Mapp Intelligence.

The data that sits in Mapp Intelligence and Mapp Engage is, and will remain, in Germany. Mapp Acquire is hosted in Belgium, and will remain in Belgium.

So, if you are concerned about your data leaving the EU, talk to Mapp – we can guarantee a place for your data that is fully GDPR compliant. We can even restrict access to your data to our Europe-based employees alone.

Regardless of the changes taking place at Google, Mapp Intelligence and Mapp Engage customers are assured that their data will not leave Europe.

We expect nothing to change for our customers as a result of Brexit.

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