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Happy Half-Birthday to Our Expert Community “Improve Your Marketing”

Happy Half-Birthday to Our Expert Community “Improve Your Marketing”

In September 2020, 6 months ago, we launched our free expert community, Improve Your Marketing. It’s a platform where marketers can find best practices for campaign optimization, publish recommendations and tips, and exchange ideas with others in the industry on customer retention, personalization, automation, and analysis.

The changing industry environment and the associated shift towards eCommerce means that digital marketing is growing significantly in importance, and marketers have been realigning their strategies in the past year.

Questions about cost efficiency, increased customer focus, and campaign optimization are at the heart of these conversations. The easy and effective answers can be found through data-driven insights. Many companies have realized that customer intelligence and marketing analytics not only enable highly personalized cross-channel campaigns but can also be used to manage market changes and user behavior. With Improve Your Marketing, teams can source free tactics and measures to fit their business and share their own approaches with the international community.

Insights on customer loyalty, personalization, and automation

We launched ‘Improve your Marketing’ to help marketers gain a deeper understanding of digital, and to exchange ideas. With the interactive online platform, they can view tips from experts and market participants on customer engagement, marketing analytics, personalization, automation, and customer activation. All this can help to improve their strategies and marketing performance.

Improve Your Marketing also offers valuable know-how for every sector, can help create tailor-made marketing plans, and enables users to share recommendations with other market participants. It gives a great overview of current strategies and their practicality. The community focuses on improvements through small and simple steps, as well as support in prioritizing measures and projects. We ensure that the tips and best practices are actionable and easy to implement.

A community with over 1,000 users

Improve Your Marketing has a growing community with more than 1,000 users now registered. It is a colorful mix of clients, consulting partners, and independent market participants from a wide range of industries. And anyone who joins can access hundreds of useful tactics and expert tips.

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