Have Mapp Got News for You Webinar: Home Improvement Edition (UK)

Thursday March 11, 10am (GMT)

With so much time being spent at home these days, all brands in this space are striving to improve digital customer experiences in order to engage with customers, grow revenue, and increase profits.
Mapp has a plethora of experience in this sector and has developed successful customer engagement strategies with Homebase, SCS, and Black and Decker, all of which have seen large growth in recent years.


Join this session where our marketing experts will be discussing:


  • Advanced Intelligent Segmentation
  • Relevant (and engaging!) personalisation for home brands
  • Full lifecycle attribution (and assisting touchpoints which could drive huge ROI for your brand)
The event is a quickfire interactive 30 minutes including gamification and a prize draw for a lucky few at the end of the session.


Registration has now closed. Stay tuned for the next event in our ‘Have Mapp Got News For You’ series!