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A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Performance Marketing Insights (PMI) conference in London, hosted by PerformanceIN. The conference focused predominantly on performance marketing. The event was an exciting opportunity to hear industry experts’ thoughts on affiliate marketing, lead generation, and biddable media. Not only did the team and I enjoy showcasing the new Mapp brand, but it was also a great opportunity to catch up with clients and network with familiar faces in the industry. While there, I managed to have a word with Mark Jones, editor at PerformanceIN. We spoke about the launch of Mapp as well as my thoughts on the event. You can watch the Facebook Live video here. The conference offered plenty of food for thought on current trends and what these might mean for the future of our industry. Over the course of the two days I spent plenty of time on the exhibition stand, but I managed to sneak away to catch some of the scheduled talks and debates. The talks I attended were very informative, but the highlight by far was the head to head between John Danby of MEDIA iQ Digital, and Wayne Blodwell from The Programmatic Advisory, which offered a balanced and entertaining debate on the future role of programmatic.Having had time to completely digest the discussions during PMI: London, here are some of the most interesting takeaways the team and I took from the event.

4 Sizzling Highlights from the Performance Marketing Insights Event:

Preparing for the advent of Artificial Intelligence

Already a hot topic at many of this year’s marketing events, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was covered extensively at PMI: London. The event even gave us some insight into the kind of software that this technology is being implemented within. AI company Viv, are currently experimenting with software that will transform your mobile into a personal assistant, while Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are looking into ways that AI can help around the house! Talking to event attendees I noticed that there was definitely a sense that these kind of advances are going to change the way we engage with our audiences and the overall customer engagement landscape in the not so distant future. Of course, we’re still quite a way off mainstream AI, so I don’t think businesses need to start strategising for how best to incorporate it just yet. Perhaps organisations should focus on more imminent technological advancements, such as programmatic, while keeping one eye on the future.

Content is a huge opportunity to improve

A key point from PMI: London was that the majority of marketers are still not doing enough to provide regular, effective, and targeted content. It’s well known that a regular base of quality content boosts search page rankings and gives viewers a reason to trust and share your brand. What’s more, the talk by Greg Shepard, Pepperjam, showed that content is becoming a more important component of the fast-growing affiliate marketing industry, meaning quality content offers huge potential to a company. With clear brand and customer engagement benefits, perhaps marketers should consider setting aside more time and budget for content creation.

#Content is becoming a more important component of the fast-growing affiliate marketing industry
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Human input still needed in media planning

As already mentioned above, one of the best sessions I attended was the head to head between John Danby and Wayne Blodwell. Very much positioned as the battle between bots and humans, the debate was the latest to rehash the rise of programmatic and the potentially reduced need for a human input in future media planning. Although tech vendors would have you believe humans are fast nearing media planning obsolescence, many of the attendees I spoke with after the debate preferred the idea of a more cooperative approach. Clearly a programmatic-driven method has huge potential for efficiency, but a human perspective provides the contextual understanding to refine and optimise the black and white of an algorithmically compiled media plan.  I see the human touch and the ability of tech as complimentary rather than competing forces in good media planning.performance marketing


Personalised emails appeal to Millennials

We constantly hear about the ‘Is email dead?’ debate, but PMI: London showed that email marketing does still have a dominant place in the modern marketing landscape. The importance of email personalisation was emphasised through the story of StumbleUpon, who noticed that their email campaign was still attracting high levels of activity despite reduced overall visitation to the website. To capitalise on the interest, the company focused on improving email engagement through personalisation, which led to much higher rates of opening and click through. What’s more, the company found those engaging with the emails were primarily Millennials, the generation that was rumoured not to even read their emails. It seems that email marketing may not be dead just yet, and will have a future for marketers wanting to formulate a Millennial-friendly customer engagement plan.

Personalisation led to much higher levels rates of opening and click through #emailmarketing @PerformanceIN
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Final Thoughts

Yet again, the event proved itself as the place to be for the latest information and happenings in performance marketing. The Mapp team is very much looking forward to next year!Have you been to the event? What are your takeaways? Please share with me in the comments below. Sign up for digital marketing news and we will keep you posted on more marketing trends and tips:

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