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Throughout history there have been countless momentous victories dating as far back as the old tales of David and Goliath to the Chicago Cubs winning this year's World Series. No matter the victory, there are always key factors that separate the victorious from the not so victorious. This is no different for marketers; essential tools like a data management tool, specifically a data management platform are what marketers need in order to achieve the customer victory that they are striving for. First, it is important to recall what a Data Management Platform (DMP) is and why you should be utilizing it. Next, let’s really dig deep into how data management technology can be essential to a marketer’s arsenal. To see this best in action, look at Ve Interactive to show you the true benefit one can expect to gain from implementing data management technology.

Data Management Platform: A Complete Overview

First, let's quickly recall what exactly a data management platform is. A data management platform (DMP) essentially collects and analyses data about your customer. This data can include behavioral, geographic and profile both online/ offline. Even third party data so it truly provides a 360 degree view of your customer. According to Sam Baker, Head of Display and Analytics at Ve Interactive, a data management platform is “a centralized platform where all the aspects of our data are brought to one place and you can see the user in that one centralized place, rather than in silos”.

Sam Baker Quote DMP

Data management technology uses the data to push the audience to various execution points to help achieve customer victory. Additionally, the data management platform optimizes the data results using look alike audiences. For example, identify potential prospects that have similar characteristics. Data management tools are able to collects response data then optimize these response data in order to coach your way to the most affective campaigns and finding new audiences in order to achieve customer victory. To learn more about what our experts have to say be sure to check out our new video.

Benefits of a Data Management Platform

The success of David and Goliath or the Chicago Cubs, just to name a few, can be attributed to the various tools that helped him get there and the same can be said for having the right data management platform. There are immense benefits of a data management platform. Firstly, data management tools provide the ultimate marketing profile for individualized omni-channel marketing. Additionally, a data management platform offers a truly complete 360 degree behavioral analyses using data visualization tools. This provides better observations into behavior and preferred channels over relatively long periods of time at a much more individual level. Since these behavioral characteristics are gathered on a daily basis, the data management platform is able to allocate the customer them to the relevant campaign or under the correct ongoing communication program. A DMP, has an overwhelming amount of benefits that can help marketers achieve the customer victory they are striving for.

A data management platform offers a truly complete 360 degree behavioral analyses using data visualization tools
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A Closer Look: Ve Interactive Victory

Ve Interactive is online advertising company that offers onsite apps to convert the customers and offsite targeting to drive customers to the site with over 10,000 clients. Mapp’s data management platform allows them to have an extremely easy implementation of customers by using only one generic pixel in just a few minutes rather than a few weeks. Ve Interactive is a great example of how a data management platform can gain victory as they literally won a large sports client because of their DMP. Via the tag Manager, Ve Interactive can immediately create a highly engaged audience and begin targeting right away after the pixel is placed on the client’s website. For Ve Interactive, Mapp’s Data Management Platform technology is able to get the client live much more quickly, which was exactly what they needed in order to win a pitch for a leading sports brand. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding technologies like a data management platform is more crucial than ever. To be victorious as a marketer, today it is important to utilize all the tools at ones disposal. A data management platform unites all the data of a customer in order to be what marketers need to achieve success. Ve Interactive is a prime example of exactly how this technology lines the journey to victory.

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