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Deck the halls with social media glory. You heard me right; go out on the town with all your bells and whistles. Especially during the holiday season your customers expect to be dazzled with your brands holiday spirit. And you should do just that. In a study we performed in 2016, we revealed our findings on the state of digital customer engagement in the top ecommerce brands in the UK. The study, that we already revealed in our previous article, looked at how these top brands engage via the multiple channels: email, mobile apps and social media. In this article I will focus on the social media marketing findings. Here are some tips to spice up your holiday marketing strategy.

5 Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Offer super savings deals: This is the time that shoppers are looking for deals more than ever. Christmas is one of those times where everyone is searching for presents for their loved ones and therefore willing to spend even more. Be sure to post your exclusive holiday offers to give incentives to shop online and in-stores. Exclusivity is important. When shoppers find out they are being offered exclusive coupons or offers on social they are given motivation to follow the brand on social media so they don’t miss out on any promotions. Our study showed that 45% of the companies posted seasonal content and 48% offered incentives to buy products online via Facebook. We saw on Twitter that only 30% offered incentives to buy products online. We were surprised to see that only half of the companies were posting seasonal content as well as incentives. At the time the study was conducted (the spring), it was a prime opportunity to take advantage of the Easter holiday and create more engaging content. However this opportunity was not taken advantage of. Take it a step further and offer promotional gift cards via social media; you can even add a discount on the price of gifts cards or offer an incentive to the amount of the gift card, hence increasing its value.

2. Provide the right type of content: It is important to keep in mind that customers will respect your brand more if you relate to them as a real person and not just as a customer. During the holiday season consider what would make their holiday shopping experience a more enjoyable one and simpler. Many top UK brands use Christmas as a great opportunity to connect their customers on a more spiritual note. Christmas is a time when they introduce the biggest advertising campaigns, and compete with each other in order to win over their customer's hearts. This year Marks and Spencer put out a hearty Christmas piece involving the mysterious Mrs. Claus winning 4.2 million views in only 7 days.

Social Media Marketing


It was an eye opener to learn from our study that the more general content that was posted actually resulted in faster follower growth. In fact, when it came to Facebook, 75% of the companies posted content related to their company/products. However, only 25% of the companies used more than 50% of general content including trends, tips or other information not directly related to the company. 

Social Media Marketing

3. Offer holiday contests and promotions: Bring out the bells and whistles this holiday season. Make sure to hype up your customers with sizzling promotions and contests. What is a better way to promote your product than getting your customers engaged with your brand? Choose a product or group of products you would like to highlight this holiday season and get creative. For instance Starbucks asked their customers to decorate their coffee cups and submit their photos through social media with a contest #hashtag. What a great way to promote the holiday spirit! 

4. Visualize your holiday spirit: Humans are visual beings. So much so that they have been proven to process as well as perceive visuals faster when consuming content. The more engaging the more effective your efforts are going to be. The holiday season is a perfect occasion to take advantage of visual options such as videos; GIF images, interactive online advent calendars in order to engage your customers on another level. Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing


In the picture above, Asda literally gives you a sneak peek into what your Christmas table can look like with the magic of Asda. They took this even a step further, by promoting a video on their Facebook page. The same idea of the Instagram Christmas Made Better campaign was used in a different format (video) and on a different network- just to spice up the Christmas spirit. 

5. Choose the right channel: It is important for marketers to look to where the target audience is and then choose the right social media channel to post there. Take into account the popularity of the different social media channels but also analyze which platforms give you the best options to creatively engage your customers.

#socialmediamarketing tips: As #socialmedia channels come and go choose your most relevant ones
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Our study found that Twitter is the most popular used social media platform for the top UK ecommerce brands, with 98% of the companies being active. YouTube follows with 94%, only 82% with Instagram and 16% of the companies have already implemented a Snapchat account to their social media arsenal. What about getting creative and trying out a new channel or functionality to surprises your followers?

♪ Here Comes Santa Claus ♪

I personally can't wait for the holidays as it is the time when everyone gets together and shows true holiday spirit. So too, marketers need to keep this spirit alive when connecting with their customers. Social media marketing holds true potential of creatively reaching out to their followers via multiple channels. These tips revealed in our study should be used as a guideline to perfect your marketing strategy this holiday season. So bring on Rudolph, Dasher and Prancer for a real marketing bash and make sure your brand touches your customer's hearts. 

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