How to Survive This Holiday Season [Videos]

The year-end business is the most profitable time for e-commerce and retail and is, therefore, particularly critical for success. In 2018, the US e-commerce annual sales amounted to $517.36 billion and, in the final months of the year, online and in-store sales generated up to 50 percent of their annual sales.

In order to make your holiday marketing as successful as possible, Mapp’s experts have shared must-know tips in these bite-sized videos. Take a look:     

3 Ways to Ensure a Good Deliverability this Black Friday

Black Friday is a time when inboxes receive more emails than usual. Our deliverability expert Souki shares her top three tips to ensure you get good deliverability this Black Friday.

 Grow Your Database with Advent Calendars this Holiday Season

The holiday season is one of the best times to gain more traffic and awareness for your website and brand. Our campaign management expert Kem recommends using an advent calendar as a way to enrich your database with high-quality leads, and reactive existing customers.

How Interactivity Can Help Your Emails Stand Out From The Crowd

During the holiday season, inboxes receive more emails than any other time in the year. Ajit shares how important it is to find ways to stand out from the crowd, using interactive elements to do so.

Reactivate Your Database in Time for Black Friday

A reactivation campaign is a great way to ensure you have a higher number of recipients just in time for Black Friday. Our campaign expert shares her top tips for a reactivation campaign in order to achieve the best results for your holiday email campaign.

Top Tips for Gamification Emails This Black Friday

Gamification is a great way to make your emails stand our from the crowd. The trick is to keep simple and easy enough for the user to complete and gain a satisfied experience, that will encourage them to go to the website and convert.

All You Need to Know About Custom Fonts & Web Safe Fonts

Coding the perfect email is essential to your marketing campaign, but not always easy – we’re talking to you, Outlook! Our Client Technical Services team have a few words of advice when it comes to picking the font for your email campaign.

Keep an eye out for more Mapp holiday marketing videos, we will be posting a new one every Tuesday!