Insight-led customer engagement at its best: Meet Mapp at DMEXCO @home

Insight-led customer engagement at its best: Meet Mapp at DMEXCO @home

Virtual networking in the new normal will be high on the agenda at DMEXCO @home, the virtual event taking place on 23-24 September 2020.

Now more than ever, we need to find ways to exchange ideas while sharing best practice and expertise, and DMEXCO @home provides the perfect place to do this.

Mapp will be there, and we’ll be demonstrating the power of insight-led customer engagement.

Brands around the world are currently facing huge challenges. Digital channels have gained significant importance due to COVID-19, but there are still some big questions in the minds of digital marketers about how to achieve cost efficiency, campaign optimization and targeted customer activation.

That’s why it is high time to say goodbye to decisions based on a gut-feeling and to rely on insights that will make your marketing strategy fit for the future. Never before has it been so easy for marketing experts to use customer insights and marketing analytics to help them implement highly personalized cross-channel campaigns.

At DMEXCO @home, we present our new expert community This interactive online platform gives brands and agencies access to hundreds of best practices designed to drive marketing strategy and achieve better performance. This is done by optimizing customer engagement, personalization, and automation. Interested parties can click together tactics and actions that fit their business, create a customized marketing plan, and then share tips with the community. The entire service is free of charge for all.

Moreover, we will lead four exciting masterclasses – with guest speakers including Rusty Warner from Forrester. The sessions will focus on insight-led customer engagement, with topics ranging from data-driven technology, to practical tactics for better marketing and AI, and best practices for creating exceptional customer experiences.

1. The Future of Martech: Closing the Gap between Insights and Action

Ricardas Montvila, Mapp, featuring Rusty Warner, Forrester

The future success of MarTech hinges on its ability to truly know your customer. It’s time to break away from decisions based on gut-feeling and traditional campaign thinking. The marketing team has a responsibility to understand who their customers are, instill a culture that leverages customer insights, and represent customer interests throughout the company. That’s the only way to meet expectations for the customer experience and deliver real value. Now more than ever, you need to focus on MarTech that closes the gap between customer data and engagement.

2. Improve Your Marketing: Tactics to Acquire, Nurture, Grow & Retain Customers

Spencer Altman, Partner Director DACH, Mapp

Companies have recently been making a big shift towards digital marketing. But this doesn’t mean marketers have to overhaul their entire strategy. There are countless ways to improve digital marketing in order to grow revenue and increase customer engagement. The challenge, however, is picking the right tactics that will provide the most uplift with the least amount of effort and, most importantly, will not compromise the future growth of your business. Mapp just launched a unique and open online tool, Improve Your Marketing, to help you to pick from hundreds of simple and easy-to-implement digital marketing tactics that are proven to deliver results. Marketers can also create their own tips and tactics and share them with the community.

3. Will AI soon Control our Marketing? An Inventory with Practical Examples and Algorithms (held in German)

Norman Wahnschaff, MD Data Science, Mapp & Prof. Markus Schaal, HWR Berlin

With the help of AI, marketers can collect and analyze huge amounts of data – and introduce completely new marketing opportunities. AI provides opportunities to identify patterns and use them profitably – at a pace and on a scale that humans cannot achieve. That’s why it offers marketers unique opportunities to create highly individualized campaigns and predictions to activate each individual customer with a customized message at the right moment and in the right channel. The two well-known AI experts Norman Wahnschaff and Prof. Markus Schaal will lead the masterclass with concrete examples of applications.

4. Welcome back! Strategic Customer Reactivation of Witt Group (held in German)

Joerg Sobisch, Account Director, Mapp & Witt-Group

The targeted reactivation of customers by e-mail is a central component of successful customer lifecycle management. Effective reactivation measures allows the marketer to realize dormant sales potential. The omnichannel retailer Witt Group, which is owned by Otto, has been successfully using Mapp and its automation options for some time now. In this masterclass, these questions will be answered using concrete examples: which strategy is recommended in this phase of the customer relationship? How can inactive customers be specifically identified and reactivated? How can reactivation measures be automated? Which type of design offers the most potential?

Interested? Visit us on 23-24 September at DMEXCO @home in our virtual showroom; attend our presentations on insight-led customer engagement; and take part in our masterclasses.

You can also register for a non-binding consultation appointment. Qualified interested parties may also request a free guest ticket to DMEXCO @home. We look forward to meeting you!

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