Introducing The Mapp Cloud Fall Update 2022

Pawandeep Kaur, Content Marketing Manager @ Mapp
Introducing The Mapp Cloud Fall Update 2022

It’s that time of the year again! Our Mapp Cloud Fall Update comes with 9 new features improvements and upgrades to make our platform even easier for marketers to tackle their day-to-day challenges.

After listening to our customers’ feedback, having a strong ear in the market, and constantly innovating our product roadmap, you’ll want to see what we’ve got in store for Mapp Cloud users this fall. Read on to find out more!


Our platform just got a lot smoother: Mapp Cloud now fully integrates with Shopify!


Previously, the plugin only integrated with Mapp Intelligence. We’ve extended the plugin to automatically sync product information, enrich unified customer profiles, and import orders in Mapp Engage. Our insight-led users can now analyze their eCommerce performance and activate these insights for even more personalized customer communications.

What are the benefits?

  • Get all your relevant data (such as existing contact and product data) flowing into Mapp Engage and activate this into campaigns
  • Capture contact details from new signups automatically in Shopify and Mapp Engage
  • Seamlessly sync any changes in Shopify and Mapp Engage in Unified Customer Profile
  • Easily send orders, transactional, and any other personalized communications to your Shopify contacts


Ever had those anomalies creep up and you’re sent on a mission to find the cause? The first point of investigation is usually analytics, but these don’t always provide context when these irregularities occur.

What caused the anomaly? Did anyone do anything? Was a campaign launched or stopped? Is the website still working across all browsers, devices, and countries? Was there a technical problem in the checkout process for a certain device category, e.g., mobile?


Our AI-Based Revenue Monitoring makes it even easier to monitor business revenue and purchasing behavior, to automatically detect anomalies and uncover the possible root causes. Our Smart Notifications instantly identify these problems in an automated way and alert users so they can always stay on top and act upon them.

What are the benefits?

  • Smart Notifications for instant alerts of revenue anomalies (e.g., Order Value)
  • Data is checked hourly or daily
  • The integrated root cause analysis to quickly identify reasons for changes
  • Establish connections between various factors such as order situation, order value, and turnover with visualization, e.g., regional holidays being the anomaly cause


The Mapp Cloud Fall 2022 Update comes along with many more improvements:

  • Improved Date Picker: Completely revamped, this feature now supports time ranges down to the minute level and creates visualizations for better analysis
  • Analytics API Enhancements: We’ve extended our API to add more analysis types with added support for KPIs, Sparklines, and Comparisons
  • New scheduling options for Marketing Automation campaigns: Here’s to more control over scheduling your campaigns! We’ve added new options have been added for campaign frequency, and start/end times, rather than just the date
  • Improved Microsites Builder: We’re excited to show you the first sneak peek of the new Mapp Cloud Microsites Builder that will be available in 2023!
  • Additional Authentication Option for Mobile Channels: A new method that establishes a secure and stateless connection with the Apple Push Notification (APN) service
  • Mapp Academy New UI: Learn all the ins and outs of our products when it suits you. Our Academy’s UI has been revamped with a new navigation bar and an updated login page
  • Coming Soon: Simplified Raw Data Export for Mapp Intelligence: Instead of exporting multiple files for each parameter type, users will be able to export one file per custom parameter type

For the full list of updates, please visit the Fall Update 2022 page.

And if you’d like to learn more about how Mapp Cloud can help your organization, get in touch!

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