Introduction of a Winning Partnership: Mapp X Kenscio

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Introduction of a Winning Partnership: Mapp X Kenscio');

Interview with Manju; Manjunatha KG, Founder & CEO

Kenscio Digital Marketing is a leading technology-driven digital marketing products and services company with its corporate office in Bengaluru and sales offices in Mumbai and Gurugram. The offices are extended to the United Kingdom, the US, and Canada. The company was started in 2009 as an email service provider and is now a full-fledged 360-degree digital marketing services company working with businesses and enterprises across the globe. Kenscio believes in customer-centric, yet data-driven marketing. Kenscio and Mapp have been partnering for over ten years. I spoke to Manjunatha KG, Founder and CEO of Kenscio, to recap some of the greatest achievements, discuss the latest trends and give you a sneak peek of what is in the pipeline!


Manju, you have been a valued Mapp partner for over 10 years now. Why did you start working with Mapp? 

 Kenscio was looking for a Tech provider who was interested in India and the Asian markets when India was just starting to go digital in 2008. We were lucky to get to know Mapp and quickly found out that you were been the best fit for our needs.

How do your customers benefit from Kenscio’s partnership with Mapp? 

Our customers benefit from Mapp’s market-leading Martech solution and our digital marketing expertise. Mapp Cloud is not only time-tested but also always at the cutting edge and constantly innovating. Just like you at Mapp, we at Kenscio believe in customer-centric, yet data-driven marketing, so it’s a win-win for our clients across the globe.

What is the most significant achievement from the partnership so far?

Our decade-long partnership with Mapp has helped us to enhance our solution capabilities and brand in the regions we operate. One of the most significant achievements was when Mapp Intelligence became a key component of Mapp Cloud. Our customers can now leverage real-time customer intelligence and automate their customer engagements based on customer insights.

Email remains at the core of today’s digital marketing strategies. With Kenscio being a pioneer of Email Marketing in India, what are your predictions for 2021 and beyond?  

Some of the hot topics for 2021 in Email Marketing are likely to be AMP email, interactive emails and hyper-personalization. Some large Email Marketing users are already looking for hyper-personalization capabilities in the systems that they are using. Deliverability is still the most important issue when it comes to large brands, to reach their entire customer base frequently with ever-changing ISP rules.

Real-time personalization is one of your key capabilities. Consumers have high expectations when it comes to both personalized customer experiences and data privacy. How do you help your clients to find the right balance here? 

Kenscio highlights the secure environment of joint Mapp and Kenscio infrastructure – both the Cloud and the physical infrastructure from where the operations are
delivered and monitored. Kenscio is an ISO/IEC 27001/2013 certified and European GDPR-compliant organization. With secure cloud infrastructure, third party audits
and best privacy policies, Kenscio can deliver to the expectation of the clients
who dictate such needs.

Mapp recently commissioned Forrester Consulting with a study on marketing insights and customer experience strategies. Despite high CX ambitions, brands are unsure where to start or struggle to find the resources. What’s your recommendation? Where should they invest first?

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the most dynamic parameters in the field of Marketing. This topic gets even more complex when you think of the diversity our customers face in such a large and diverse country like India. Some customers even operate on the whole sub-continent. The marketer must be constantly updated on the changing preferences of their customers and continuously invest in collecting customer insights and automating their messaging accordingly. A service provider like Kenscio can support brands to handle this in consistent manners. When the brands lack the right resources to plan and execute CX strategies, they can rely on a service provider with both expertise in the technology domain and a wide range of services.

What are your plans and expectations when it comes to our partnership? What will be the next projects?

Email Marketing is a broad topic, and it’s constantly evolving. Kenscio will continue its focus on Email Marketing to build and offer affordable, competitive, and cutting-edge solutions for various challenges faced by internet marketers. Our technology partners must deliver on the promises and expectations of the customer. As brands are scaling their size, the partners and their platforms must be agile to meet their scale and performance goals.

Thank you very much for all the insights you’ve shared with us, Manju!
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