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Lowell Group Uses Mapp’s Data Streams to Consolidate and Optimize their Data Across the Company

Lowell Group Uses Mapp’s Data Streams to Consolidate and Optimize their Data Across the Company

London/Berlin, 10 August 2021 The Lowell Group is one of Europe’s leading service providers in claims management. The company’s goal is to develop viable solutions for its customers and help them deal with outstanding claims. Lowell operates in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Thanks to their extensive data analysis expertise and unparalleled risk management, the Lowell Group is able to provide customers with expert solutions across all areas of claims management.

The Lowell Group has a modern IT infrastructure and relies on automated processes. They were looking to implement a uniform and cross-system solution for evaluating data related to website activity to consolidate it and improve the decision-making process. The goal was to integrate website visitor behavior into a sustainable and analytical data platform. The Group needed to be able to process extensive amounts of data efficiently and without having to put in a considerable amount of manual effort.

To collect and process the data, Lowell turned to Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer experiences. With Data Streams, Mapp offers a real-time solution for exporting raw data to modern data architectures and data warehouses, allowing data to be collected and processed centrally – and distribute it as needed. Instead of exporting in multiple batches, the data is provided as one continuous flow, conserving valuable resources, even with large amounts of data. At the same time, multiple departments can use the same database, ensuring that the quality of the data remains at the same high standard throughout the company. Internal stakeholders receive only the relevant data they need for their tasks.

One of the main things Lowell focuses on is collecting data for its own consumer portal and transferring the relevant data to its in-house analytical data platform. Consumers use the portal to view the status of and manage their claims, as well as make payments. The raw data involved here is exported in almost real time, enabling Lowell to collect detailed records about the performance of their consumer portal and optimize it on a regular basis. In addition, all of the raw data is available to analyze in order to make informed decisions.

Data Streams enables Lowell to make standardized data available to their specialist departments. This means the company can react much faster and with a significantly higher degree of flexibility than it could in the past. All the relevant data is processed and leveraged in the analytical data platform. This goes for both the Analysis department as well as other departments that make operational use of the data that has been collected.

The collaboration with Mapp ensured that all of Lowell’s requirements in terms of the design and implementation of Data Streams were met. The entire project ran with focus and was incredibly successful. There were close and regular virtual discussions, with Mapp’s Account Management team using their expertise to answer all the relevant questions promptly, meaning the project could be implemented within a short space of time.

Oleg Kiriltsev, Data Engineer at Lowell Group commented: “Data Streams helps us to effectively consolidate raw data with ease. We can use the processed data near enough in real time, which benefits both of us in the Analysis department and the specialist departments across our entire Group. Mapp provided us with simple and expert support during the technical design and implementation phases. We are looking forward to continuing to work together.”

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