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Magento Users: It’s Time to Go Insight-Led

Magento Users: It’s Time to Go Insight-Led

Every data source in your marketing ecosystem is a puzzle piece. Connect these platforms and data sources together, and you’ll gain a unified view of your customer’s journey. But sometimes, your Magento puzzle piece doesn’t fit quite well into a solution as seamlessly as you had hoped. It’s even more underwhelming when your development teams have to get involved to develop API paths to try to make the integration work.

We’ve seen marketers drastically transform their customer experiences by unifying data sources, creating a holistic customer view, and acting on real-time insights using Mapp Cloud. It’s why we’ve released the enhanced Magento plugin to help make it easier for Magento users to make their puzzle pieces fit seamlessly into our platform and power up insight-led marketing.

“We’ve found using the Mapp + Magento connector really straightforward to bring our real-time transactional and subscriber data into our unified Customer Data Platform. We use this for 8 of our websites here at PBSL Group to create real-time actionable marketing campaigns,” Suzana Bulearca, Managing Director, PBSL Group. 

How does the Mapp x Magento plugin work?

In addition to our Shopify, Shopware, and VTEX connectors, the Magento plugin maps your data into our platform through compatibility and interoperability, enabling a smooth and efficient data flow between systems.

Mapp diagam of integrating Magento eCommerce data.

Just as with all integration types (eCommerce, CRM, POS, DSP, CMS and more), our platform is designed to handle diverse data formats and sources without disruptions and data quality issues so that you can rely on accurate and timely data synchronization.

How easy is it to connect via Mapp x Magento Plugin?

It’s as simple as heading over to the Magento marketplace and installing our connector.

From there, all you’ll need to do is define the connector’s settings and what data you want to be synchronized into the Mapp Cloud platform. To summarize, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Time saved with a fast and easy integration
  • No need for development teams to develop or build API paths
  • Easier for marketers to integrate via “out-of-the-box”

For those looking for a helping hand, our services teams will also be available to advise you, alongside our documentation with all the necessary details you may be looking for.

What happens after integrating my Magento data into Mapp Cloud?

It powers up Mapp Cloud to help you make the most out of your customer data. To get a clearer idea, it’s important to understand what Mapp Cloud does first to then understand the value of integrating your Magento data into our platform.

Mapp Cloud: A short overview

  1. Mapp Cloud sits at the core of your MarTech stack and can integrate multiple sources to centralize your data into one place.
  2. From there, it makes your data understandable, accessible, and actionable by unifying it in our Customer Data Platform and giving you a single customer view.
  3. With powerful Customer Intelligence and AI, you can dig deeper into your data than ever before, generating actionable insights and predictions of what your customers are going to do next.
  4. When you are ready to communicate with your customers, you can use our marketing automation capabilities to build dynamic, personalized messages and orchestrate automated cross-channel campaigns (web, email, SMS, in-app push, web push, and more).
  5. Finally, you can utilize the RFM / RFE models, or any of the other pre-generated reports, to optimize your existing campaigns or create new ones to capitalize on revenue-driving opportunities.

Now, back to the original question …

By integrating your Magento eCommerce data, you’ll instantly feed Mapp Cloud to generate insights on your customers to create personalized cross-channel experiences accordingly. The key capabilities you’ll gain are:

  • E-Commerce Analytics: Gain valuable insights into the online shop’s performance, monitoring key metrics to optimize conversions, retain customers, and increase revenue.
  • Customer Insights: Enrich customer profiles with behavioral data to understand preferences, personalize marketing messages, and deliver targeted campaigns that foster engagement and loyalty.
  • On-Site Marketing: Engage your customers on Magento shop with personalized messages, promotions, and recommendations to enhance the shopping experience and boost conversion rates.
  • Data Synchronization: Synchronize in real-time your order data, product information, customer profiles, and newsletter subscriptions, ensuring accurate information across all touchpoints.
  • Omni-Channel Campaigns:Design seamless marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, SMS, mobile push, in-app messaging, and web push, delivering consistent and impactful messaging.
  • Transactional Messages: Improve customer satisfaction and streamline operations with automated order, shipping, and return notifications, ensuring timely and relevant communication throughout the customer journey.
  • Personalization at scale: Use Mapp Cloud to create personalized communications across multiple channels based on your customers’ needs, including AI-powered product recommendations and coupon codes, to ensure every touchpoint brings them one step closer to action.

PBSL Success Story

PBSL is an independent group supplying specialty building and drainage products to tradespeople and DIY professionals in the U.K. Using our plugin, the group seamlessly integrated their Magento data into Mapp Cloud and built a bespoke infrastructure that worked for their business model.

Having centralized their data with valuable behavioral insights, they could create unified customer profiles and gain a deep understanding of their audiences. This enabled them to tackle a significant challenge they wanted to overcome: providing a personalized in-store experience for their customers on digital platforms, irrespective of product knowledge.

With Mapp Cloud, PBSL could act on its insights with our platform’s marketing automation capabilities to target customers at the right time and with the right message. This helped to drive engagement and prevent churn. The group currently sends personalized messages between its nine-brand portfolio, eight of which work interchangeably for construction projects.

Quote from PBSL about Mapp Cloud.


PBSL gained the unified customer insights they needed to power their cross-channel personalization strategy that would drive customer engagement. This resulted in:

  • +225% more email engagement
  • -15% fewer email unsubscribes
  • +80% increase in eCRM performance
  • Higher productivity of 15% on multi-brand campaigns
  • Email marketing results drastically improved, with average engagement rates soaring by 225%
  • Now generate 45% of all email revenue through automated programs

Read the full case study here >

Conclusion: Connect Your Magento Data to Connect With Your Customers

At Mapp, we’re big on demonstrating the impact that breaking data siloes has on your marketing. It’s more valuable to utilize that data as best you can to drive your marketing and business growth. By integrating your Magento data with Mapp Cloud, you can provide data-driven customer experiences that shoppers want to have.

But it’s always difficult to understand how smooth the process actually is. After all, team members, time, money, and resources are often involved in these projects, and if not executed smoothly, it becomes messier and more costly.

That’s why we rebuilt from scratch the Magento plugin to minimize risk and maximize impact!

Get Started With Our Magento Plugin

Ready to plug in your Magento data to power up your customer experiences with actionable insights? Simply go to the Magento marketplace to install our plugin or talk to our experts.


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