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Mapp at DMEXCO @home: Stimulating discussions on Insight-led Customer Engagement

Mapp at DMEXCO @home: Stimulating discussions on Insight-led Customer Engagement

DMEXCO @home was a great success for Mapp. The two-day conference program proved that networking and sharing ideas in difficult times can still work in a virtual environment.

Our team looks back on two days full of interesting and stimulating discussions and inspiring talks. Experience has shown that what comes out of this in terms of sales can only be seen after a couple of months. 😉

We took part with a digital showroom and four exciting masterclasses. The highlight was certainly our masterclass on the future of MarTech, featuring Rusty Warner from Forrester as a guest speaker. The interest in this session was appropriately impressive.

Meanwhile, we used DMEXCO @home to introduce our new expert community, ‘Improve Your Marketing’. This offers a free interactive platform with a wide range of marketing tactics and the opportunity to share best practices, recommendations, and questions on specific use cases. Initial feedback on ‘Improve Your Marketing’ has been very positive. This is also reflected in the number of registrations to the community. 😊

The great response to our masterclasses also shows that a consistent, in-depth understanding of customers is increasingly becoming a decisive success factor in digital marketing, from both a strategic and practical perspective. With insight-lead customer engagement, we are addressing this point and offering marketers an opportunity to get away from their gut feeling and make their campaigns significantly more effective with the help of data-based insights.

Following are some brief summaries of the most exciting insights from our DMEXCO @home masterclasses for you:


1. The Future of MarTech: Closing the Gap between Insights and Action
Ricardas Montvila, Mapp – featuring Rusty Warner, Forrester

“Companies need to become customer-obsessed” was the suggestion of guest speaker Rusty Warner, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester. Data and insights are essential for this to happen. But first and foremost, companies must listen to their customers – and be customer driven.

Customer analytics is the key to delivering a superior customer experience across all channels, because only a deep understanding of the customer can provide insights into effective activities and lead to competitive advantage. According to Rusty Warner, the fact that brand insights are still not used across the board is due to organizational, structural, technological, and situational reasons. Many marketers are simply overwhelmed by the apparent complexity of the situation. But how do you move on from this assumption?

Our Senior Director, Global Strategy, Ricardas Montvila, emphasized that the challenge to close the gap between insights and concrete measures lies in a holistic brand strategy. This involves integrating offline and online activities and capturing data across all channels and devices. The path from AHA! to CLICKS leads through valid insights that connect all of the dots. Brands that consistently focus on data-driven customer engagement benefit from significantly higher annual growth.

MarTech Future: Move from insights to action and become a customer-obsessed marketer


2. Welcome back! Strategic Customer Reactivation of Witt Group
Anja Ehbauer & Dominik Ruppert, Witt Group
with Joerg Sobisch, Mapp

In a joint masterclass with our Account Director Joerg Sobisch, Anja Ehbauer and Dominik Ruppert from our customer Witt Group, showed how our digital marketing platform can be used in practice. Witt Group is a leading textile omnichannel company and part of Otto Group. It operates eight brands and a total of 17 online stores in eleven countries. With the help of Mapp, the retailer was able to effectively automate the reactivation of customers in the email channel. The speakers showed how inactive customers are identified, which design elements are suitable for addressing them, and how emails can be set up in the shortest possible time using our tools and sent at the optimum time. Increased open rates and optimized customer lifecycle management are the results of successful collaboration. It is also important for brands not to neglect inactive customers. The conclusion: “Writing to dead addresses can only lead to disadvantages”.

Reactivation: Witt Group showed that successful customer recovery requires a conceptual basis


3. Improve Your Marketing: Tactics to Acquire, Nurture, Grow & Retain Customers
Spencer Altman, Mapp

Spencer Altman, Partner Director DACH at Mapp, presented our new online community ‘Improve Your Marketing’ for the first time to wider audience. Made by and for digital marketers, the platform helps marketing decision-makers to optimize the outcome of their work with concrete measures. To this end, we have compiled several hundred specific tactics to increase customer engagement. They cover all phases of the customer lifecycle, from new customer onboarding to reactivating inactive customers. Users can choose the tactics that are right for them and use advanced filtering to ensure that they match overall business objectives of each company. Users can also create their own action plans based on individual priorities. Each individual tactic can be evaluated and prioritized in terms of effort, investment and added value. Since a community lives by its interactions, everyone can actively participate with their own tactics and experiences. All contributors can underline their active involvement with their own company and personal profiles. The interactive platform is now available to all interested parties, free of charge.

‘Improve Your Marketing’: Explore and select tactics to develop and improve marketing activities


4. Will AI soon Control our Marketing? An Inventory with Practical Examples and Algorithms
Prof. Markus Schaal from HWR Berlin and our Director, Data Science, Norman Wahnschaff

Markus Schaal and Norman Wahnschaff cleared up the myths around AI in marketing in their masterclass. Although AI is already being used for predictions, recommendations, speech and image recognition as well as the automation of standard processes, AI is not necessarily helpful in the development of more complex processes, such as marketing strategies, multi-stage campaigns, brand building and in the process to create advertising materials. There is no doubt that human and AI collaboration presents challenges, with data forming the basis for machine learning. “AI is only as good as the data with which it is trained,” the experts summarized their masterclass. Both called for more information and transparency on AI and for the opening of data monopolies.

Using four use cases from marketing practice, all of which are used productively at Mapp, Markus Schaal then showed how AI can help to increase sales in the short term, secure sales in the long term, increase engagement rates and identify anomalies in the marketing mix.

Both speakers concluded with the following conclusion: AI can by no means replace marketers, but it can perform certain tasks and support people in such a way that they can concentrate on their core competencies.

AI vs Marketing: Algorithms will not replace marketing teams, but they can support and complement marketing activities



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