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Mapp Marketing Cloud Enhances its Magento Integration

Mapp Marketing Cloud Enhances its Magento Integration

Newly upgraded integration empowers eCommerce brands to deliver Insight-led customer experiences


London, June 14, 2023Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer experiences today announced the enhanced integration for Mapp Marketing Cloud – Magento (Adobe Commerce). eCommerce brands using Magento can now seamlessly integrate their online shops with Mapp Marketing Cloud, connecting their product catalogue, customer behaviour and transactions in Mapp to enable Insight-led Customer Experiences via email, SMS, Mobile Push, In-App and WebPush.

By integrating Magento with Mapp Marketing Cloud, eCommerce brands gain access to actionable data and can personalise customer experiences with Mapp’s AI-powered product recommendation engine. Additionally, businesses will gain valuable insights into product trends and understand how their offerings impact customer engagement and loyalty.

This extension also enables over 20 pre-configured eCommerce and Consumer Insights dashboards to start analysing customer behaviour right away. Once active, eCommerce brands can trigger omni-channel campaigns including Abandoned Cart, New Product Launches, Price Drop and Back-in Stock.

Ricardas Montvila, VP Global Strategy at Mapp, comments: “We are delighted we can now offer Mapp Marketing Cloud customers a seamless integration with Magento shops to deliver real-time, insight-led marketing capabilities, enabling personalised experiences and successful cross-channel campaigns. Our customers will now benefit from another trusted data source for even more targeted marketing and improved customer experiences.”

The enhanced extension to Mapp Marketing Cloud introduces a range of advanced features tailored to eCommerce success:

  • Advanced eCommerce Analytics: comprehensive visibility into the online shop’s performance, monitoring key metrics to optimise conversions, retain customers, and increase revenue.
  • Customer Insights: enriched customer profiles with behavioral data to understand preferences, personalise marketing messages, and deliver targeted campaigns that foster engagement and loyalty.
  • On-Site Marketing: engaging Magento-based shop customers with personalised messages, promotions, and recommendations to enhance the shopping experience and boost conversion rates.
  • Data Synchronisation: real-time synchronisation of order data, product information, customer profiles, and newsletter subscriptions, ensuring accurate information across all touchpoints.
  • Omni-Channel Campaigns: Seamless marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, SMS, mobile push, in-app messaging, and web push, delivering consistent and impactful messaging.
  • Transactional Notifications: Improved customer satisfaction and streamlined operations with automated order, shipping, and return notifications, ensuring timely and relevant communication throughout the customer journey.

About Mapp

Marketers and data specialists should always be able to focus on their core business instead of spending their time taming the technology behind it. With the insight-based customer experience platform Mapp Marketing Cloud, marketing decision-makers have more time for what matters and can place their brand messages in the best possible way. Through customer intelligence and marketing analytics, companies easily and effectively gain cross-channel customer insights from data, which in turn enable highly personalised marketing activities. Mapp’s customers also benefit from tailored and self-optimising cross-channel campaigns based on AI-powered predictive models. Automated messages can thus be sent in the ideal marketing channel, at the optimal time and with the right contact frequency. Thanks to powerful one-to-one personalisation, maximum engagement as well as long-term customer retention are achieved. More info here.

Mapp’s digital marketing platform helps over 700 businesses across Europe and in the US. Mapp’s clients include Ella’s Kitchen, Expert, Freesat, West Ham United F.C., MyToys, Pepsico, Quint, Vivienne Westwood, and The Entertainer.

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