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Mapp Marketing Cloud June Update 2023

Pawandeep Kaur, Content Marketing Manager @ Mapp
Mapp Marketing Cloud June Update 2023

The season of renewal and growth is here, and we’re excited to announce the arrival of the much-anticipated Mapp Marketing Cloud June Update. We’re excited to share our nine new features and updates for marketers to take their strategies to new heights.

Our product updates derive from our team continuously listening to our customers, maintaining a deep understanding of the market dynamics, and developing our product roadmap. Ultimately, we want to give users the capabilities they deserve and more to conduct high-performing campaigns.

Whether you’re a Mapp Marketing Cloud customer or someone simply exploring the possibilities, this blog will take you through the key highlights of the Mapp Marketing Cloud June Update. We’ll showcase how these improvements can elevate your marketing efforts and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting possibilities together.

1. Magento Plugin for Mapp Marketing Cloud

Our newly enhanced plugin seamlessly integrates Magento (Adobe Commerce) with Mapp Marketing Cloud. We wanted to make it easy for Magento users to unlock the full potential of the eCommerce data to activate insight-led marketing that takes their customer experiences to the next level.

Through this advanced API, you can import and unify your data into Mapp Marketing Cloud. This helps you generate real-time customer insights and identify key optimization opportunities in the customer journey. From there, you can create personalized omnichannel experiences based on these insights to increase customer engagement.

Now if you’re looking to get more adventurous with your data, Mapp Marketing Cloud’s A.I. capabilities can be used to predict your customers’ shopping behavior. You can use this to adjust your strategies to capitalize on your identified revenue-driving opportunities.

2. New Tap-to-Call Action for your Mobile Push Campaigns

Did we just make it even easier to connect you and your customers? It’s true – and it’s all in a call-to-action (CTA).

Mobile channels are widely used in our customer’s campaigns. After high demand, our new feature gives your customers the ability to dial phone numbers directly from Push and In-App messages. They can simply tap a number in the message body or button to make a call and connect with you instantly, eliminating the need to navigate through apps or websites. Overall, this encourages customers to take action immediately while enabling a smoother and more intuitive experience.

You can also analyze your customers’ behavior through your mobile channel statistics and optimize campaigns accordingly.

3. Mapp Intelligence: Create Your Own Time Periods

Previously, users were limited when creating custom time periods with granular hours and minutes filtering. Our goal was to give our customers the flexibility to create, edit, and manage their time periods while incorporating fine-grained time intervals into their analyses.

With this feature, you can easily create and manage your own time periods, utilize offsets and flexible criteria, and apply them to any analysis or dashboard. This enhanced capability empowers you to make data-driven decisions based on the time frames that matter most to your business to tailor your marketing performance comparisons and suit your specific requirements.

4. Mapp Intelligence: Changelog

We understand how puzzling it can be when unexpected changes occur in your analytics setup without clearly understanding why. That’s why we’ve developed the “Monitor and Undo Configuration Changes” feature to enable complete visibility and control over your configuration.

Our new Changelog feature allows you to monitor and revert any modifications made to your setup effortlessly. Whether it changes to custom dynamic time ranges or other essential elements like metrics, formulas, parameter analyses, and reports, you’ll have a comprehensive history of changes at your fingertips. With this feature, you can confidently manage your analytics environment, ensuring transparency for every configuration change. From there, you’ll have the power to undo them to maintain control and make informed decisions.

This feature is currently limited to changes in the new Custom Dynamic Time Periods but will be further extended to include all types of configuration changes in Mapp Intelligence in the future.

And There’s More …

Our Mapp Marketing Cloud June 2023 Update comes with more improvements:

  • Send Better Emails with Inbox Monitoring and Inbox Rendering
  • Video Analytics for YouTube
  • Mapp Intelligence: Updates to the Analytics API
  • More Flexibility to your Onsite Placements
  • Mapp Marketing Cloud Debugger: Browser Detection and Content Engagement Updates

For the full list of updates, please visit the June Update 2023 page.

And if you’d like to learn more about how Mapp Marketing Cloud can help your business, get in touch!

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