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Introducing the Mapp Marketing Cloud Winter Update 2022

Thekla Von Plate
Content Marketing Manager @Mapp
Introducing the Mapp Marketing Cloud Winter Update 2022

How are you holding up during these frosty winter days? To warm you up this season, we’ve prepared a little something special for you. Our latest Winter Update comes with 15 new features and improvements, helping you to better target and engage your audience with even more individual content across the entire customer journey.

Have Your Campaign Data Flow, With Our Google Ads Integration

Mapp constantly aims to reduce data silos for you and your organization, which is why the first feature we’d like to introduce is our Google Ads Integration! It allows your Google Ads data to flow directly into Mapp Intelligence. Once set up, the synchronization allows you to gain a full overview of your Google Ads campaign performance, enabling you to optimize your campaigns quicker and more efficiently – saving you both cost and time.

The following ad types are supported by the integration: All Google Ad Types including Search, Display, Video (YouTube), Shopping (product listings on Google), App (your app promotion on many channels), giving you the option to quickly discover which channels perform best.


What’s the benefit? Here’s how the integration helps you with your daily tasks:

Compare Google Ads campaign performance with other marketing activities

Gain full insight on your CPO across all relevant channels

The data visualization helps you find patterns in your Ad Campaigns

Re-engage With Customers Using Topics of Interest

Do you have vast amounts of content available to share with your audience? If so, that’s a huge achievement! But how well are you able to keep a clear overview so can you always share the right content with the right audience?

Mapp’s got you covered. With AI-powered “topics of interest” in the segmentation builder, you’ll always be able to deliver the content your subscribers are most interested in. Just choose a topic, and Mapp will present you with elements of your own content that contain matching interests. For instance, if someone has shown interest in fast food in the past, they may also be interested in pizza.

More benefits to it:

Re-engage inactive customers with content that they really care about

No setup needed – all we need to do is activate the feature for you!

Target your customers more precisely with highly individual communication, aimed directly at their interests.

Other New Features and Improvements to Boost your Marketing!

It doesn’t stop there! The Winter Update comes along with many more new features and improvements:

Debugger Plugin: Let’s be honest – who really likes tracking debugging? We’ve made it easier for you and developed a debugger plugin for Mapp Intelligence. Check it out in the Google Chrome Store!

Data Streams Monitoring: Our new tab gives you full control and insight into the performance of each of your individual streams, making it easy to identify any hiccups.

Flutter Support: The freshly added feature for the Mapp Engage SDK lets you integrate with both iOS and Android, making it easy for you to activate your users via in-app or push messages.

Multi-Factor Authentication: For Mapp Intelligence, it supplies a higher level of data security across your whole organization.

VTEX Integration: Mapp is now seamlessly integrated with the digital commerce platform VTEX with only one click – no coding necessary.

For the full list of updates, please visit the Winter Update page – go and check it out!

If you’d like to find out more non how Mapp can help your organization, get in touch!
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