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Mapp presents insight-led customer engagement for easier and more effective marketing

Mapp presents insight-led customer engagement for easier and more effective marketing

San Diego/Berlin, 26 August, 2020 – Mapp, one of the largest independent marketing platforms in the world, will have an extensive digital presence at DMEXCO @home on 23 and 24 September, 2020.

At the conference, Mapp will showcase its approach to insight-led customer engagement to enable optimized and results-driven cross-channel marketing. The digital marketing platform Mapp Cloud allows marketers to gain robust and easy-to-implement insights that are at the core of regular and personalized customer engagement. Mapp Cloud is easier to use and delivers more effective results than traditional marketing platforms.

Mapp will also present its new expert community “ImproveYourMarketing”. This interactive online platform provides marketers with access to hundreds of best practices designed to drive their marketing strategy and achieve better outcomes. ImproveYourMarketing is focused on customer engagement, personalization, and automation. Marketers can select tactics and actions appropriate to their business and create a customized marketing plan – and then share their own tips with the community, at no cost.

The conference program will feature four Mapp masterclasses. The sessions will cover a wide range of topics, providing participants with detailed information on trends, technological developments, and strategic opportunities in digital marketing. There will also be specific practical tips to help viewers improve their own activities and increase their customer loyalty.

Ricardas Montvila, Mapp, featuring Rusty Warner, Forrester
The Future of Martech: Closing the Gap Between Insights and Action
In marketing technology, future success depends on a profound understanding of the customer. It is time to stop making marketing decisions based on gut-feeling and traditional campaign thinking. In Mapp’s masterclass, guest speaker Rusty Warner, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester and Ricardas Montvila, Senior Director, Global Strategy at Mapp, will demonstrate how marketers can close the gap between customer data and engagement. Focusing on customer needs will be increasingly essential to deliver real value in the customer experience.

Spencer Altman, Mapp
Improve Your Marketing: Tactics to Acquire, Nurture, Grow & Retain Customers
Spencer Altman, Partner Director DACH at Mapp, will present practical and easy-to-implement tactics for optimized digital marketing. In his session he will provide a comprehensive overview of ways that companies can improve their acquisition, customer retention, expansion, and care of customers, using the interactive online platform. The easy-to-understand tactics can be implemented to enable true cross-channel marketing.

Prof. Markus Schaal, HWR Berlin & Norman Wahnschaff, Mapp
Will AI soon Control our Marketing? An Inventory with Practical Examples and Algorithms (held in German)
AI experts Prof. Markus Schaal and Norman Wahnschaff will give an overview of the potential for Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing, providing examples of specific applications. AI enables the recognition of recurring patterns in customer behavior allowing for highly individualized campaigns and the prediction of future customer actions.

Witt Group & Joerg Sobisch, Mapp
Welcome back! Strategic Customer Reactivation of Witt Group (held in German)
In the fourth masterclass, Mapp presents a joint case study with Witt Group. The omnichannel retailer, a member of the Otto Group, was able to significantly increase the productivity of its email marketing activities through automation. This masterclass will aim to answer questions about segmentation, design, and how to address inactive end consumers.

Michael Diestelberg, VP Product & Marketing at Mapp, comments: “Even though some things are different this year, I very much look forward to DMEXCO @home because interaction is more important than ever in these challenging times. I hope that our wide range of topics will appeal to marketers and agencies – and that we will be able to offer not only added value in terms of content, but also targeted answers about cost efficiency and customer activation in digital marketing in the form of practical solutions. My aim is to provide the audience with concrete suggestions to help them to optimize their marketing.”

About Mapp
Marketers and data specialists should be able to focus on what will make a difference for their business, instead of spending all their time taming the technology behind it. With Mapp Cloud, the insight-led customer engagement platform, they can focus on what really counts – and the exciting insights that come with it. Thanks to customer intelligence and marketing analytics, companies can easily and effectively gain data-driven customer insights across all channels in order to trigger highly personalized marketing activities. Customers benefit from AI-supported forecasting models that enable targeted and self-optimizing cross-channel campaigns. Automated messages are sent via the most suitable marketing channel, at the right time, with the optimal contact frequency. Thanks to advanced one-to-one personalization, the highest levels of engagement and long-term customer loyalty are achieved.

Mapp has global offices in six countries. Mapp’s digital marketing platform helps more than 3,000 companies break away from the pack by uncovering missed opportunities, including Xerox, PepsiCo, LG, Qantas, Infinity, and Lloyds Banking Group

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