Master Tailored Marketing With Advanced Customer Segmentation

Master Tailored Marketing With Advanced Customer Segmentation

Your customers crave personalized experiences. But as their behavior constantly changes, targeting them with the right message at the right time can feel like trying to score a game-winning shot with a moving basket. But don’t panic! You can regain control to precisely target and make game-winning shots that convert with advanced customer segmentation.

But complex customer segmentation requires ease of use in your tools to enable marketers to tap into advanced segmentation without the steep learning curve. This user-friendly approach allows teams to focus on strategy and creativity rather than getting bogged down by the technicalities of the platform.

To help visualize this, we’ll look at how Mapp Cloud, built with a CDP, Marketing Automation, and Analytics, enables powerful customer segmentation in a marketing-friendly way. Expect no code, drag & drop features, and sophisticated criteria when creating your clusters. So, let’s begin!

Leverage Your Unified Customer Data in Mapp Cloud

Having your customer data at the center of your marketing helps your insights become the “brains” of your operation. In Mapp Cloud, our Customer Data Platform sits at the core to unify, enrich, and visualize customer data from various data sources to create unified customer profiles. This enables you to conduct customer-centric campaigns to leverage gathered data, such as:

  • Socio-demographics
  • Cross-channel campaign feedback
  • Mobile & web activities
  • AI KPIs: probability to churn or convert, the next order value, and RFM clusters

Note: Customize your insights with our data models. Our flexible model makes it easy to create custom fields and tailor the data schema, both simple profile attributes and multiple pieces of information related to a contact. This helps you segment in a way that fits your business needs precisely.

Customer Segmentation: What is it and how does it work

What is customer segmentation?

Customer segmentation is the marketing practice of identifying, categorizing, and marketing to individual customer groups based on various demographics, behaviors, and other characteristics. This enables marketers to monitor and communicate with each individual group more effectively, appropriately, and efficiently. When done correctly, it can help push the customer further down the customer journey funnel.

How to segment customers

First and foremost, your segmentation tool should ideally allow you to be flexible with your data. CRM, CDPs, and marketing automation software are often used for segmentation, but they’re often used in siloes. However, Mapp Cloud’s customer segmentation capabilities help you pull your data into your marketing automation to create multi-dimensional audience groups without requiring intricate technical know-how. This means marketers can create advanced customer segments through their profile attributes and interactions for various campaigns with easy usability.

To put this into practice, we’ve chosen our example scenario: churning customers. Here are two ways you can segment churning customer groups.

1. Manual Segmentation – But With The Analytics

As Mapp Cloud unifies, enriches, and collects customer data (in a GDPR-compliant way), it enables you to segment customer groups based on your analytics. In the context of our churning customer example, you notice a number of customers who have not made a purchase in the last six months.

Digging a little deeper, you investigate customers who haven’t visited your site in the past two weeks or interacted with your emails or mobile campaigns for a while.

Based on these, you can identify these customers quickly and create CI Segments in Mapp Cloud to target personalized churn-prevention campaigns to generate re-engagement.

2. Automated Segmentation – But With The AI

When you use AI correctly, there’s no stopping your campaigns. While many marketing technology vendors have recently incorporated some form of AI, we previously coupled AI and analytics to uncover AI-predicted segments, enabling marketers to be proactive rather than reactive: Predicted Conversion Probability, Predicted Churn Probability, Predicted Next Basket, and Predicted Customer Lifetime Value.

Essentially, you’re able to leave the machine with the task of identifying churning users, activating the churn probability segment provided by the AI, or alternatively, also bringing in users belonging to the proper RFM cluster.

Used to help you monitor where your customers’ behavior is heading, marketers can quickly identify these customers and take action.

But Wait, There’s More …

With the recent release of Mapp’s AI Assistant, we’ve taken this to the next level with Segment Detection.

Our AI Assistant works as your marketing ally to run background processes to identify trends from specific segments. From there, it instantly alerts you of any profitable opportunities and act on these quickly.

Ready To Master Your Customer Segmentation?

The journey towards personalized marketing is becoming more navigable with tools like Mapp Cloud. By breaking down data silos and leveraging AI, real-time updates, and intuitive interfaces, marketers can delve into the complexities of customer segmentation to deliver personalized experiences with greater ease and impact. Take the Mapp Cloud tour now! 

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