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Open Marketing Automation: Unleash Your Capabilities

Open Marketing Automation: Unleash Your Capabilities

In a world where real-time data is key, marketers need to rely on solutions that connect the dots to activate powerful automation and personalize the entire customer journey. Leverage our open marketing automation platform to easily build complex marketing scenarios, act upon contextual data, and execute more effective cross-channel campaigns.

Connect with everything that has an API

Mapp Cloud’s new automation capabilities, powered by our HTTP connector, allow external systems to be included in automation workflows. This feature allows marketers to link Mapp’s marketing automation tool to any platform in order to set up powerful automation workflows. Send requests to third-party systems and trigger a variety of events based on their responses. As a result, you’ll have more flexibility in the automation and personalization of your marketing activities, based on your existing technology stack.

Camille Deschamps, Product Marketing Manager at Mapp, says: “Marketers will be able to use the developer interface of any platform to trigger external actions, retrieve additional data, and integrate them seamlessly into their automation workflows.”


Watch Mapp’s video about the Open Marketing Automation Platform to learn more:


How can you benefit from Mapp’s Open Marketing Automation Platform?

Marketers can use Mapp’s out-of-the-box marketing automation with their existing and running marketing technology stack to tackle a multitude of challenges. With this new feature, you can automate the communication between all your marketing technology tools to shape your data flow and get that time back for more meaningful tasks.

  1. Automatically act upon specific events: Get alerted whenever an event happens in or outside of your campaigns and take action upon it by connecting all the tools you use on a daily basis, such as Zapier, Magento, Kibo Commerce and IFTTT. It’s ideal for when you want to take an action based on something that happened or is happening.
  2. Integrate external channels into your Mapp workflows: Leverage your own communication channels that aren’t native to Mapp to execute messages. Our open automation platform supports more complex scenarios as well, such as adding rows to a database and then triggering a bulk action when certain criteria are met.
  3. Build one-to-one personalization with real-time, user-specific information: Retrieve the information you need from external sources to enrich your messages and increase the performance of your marketing flow. Create more relevant content for your customers and increase the performance of your marketing flows.
  4. Enable two-way interactions with your business tools: Send the information you collect with Mapp Cloud to your other business tools (e.g., unsubscribes, bounces, conversions, etc.) and get instant information from your external applications. Use this in your Mapp workflow to design highly relevant and context-aware customer experiences.


“We want to help marketers unlock more time in their busy schedules to focus on meaningful tasks and creative projects. Mapp’s automated engine saves valuable time by effectively integrating data from a multitude of third-party systems. Our goal is to establish Mapp Cloud as the central control tool for digital marketing, enabling marketers to transparently capture, increase, and continuously optimize their success,”according to Michael Diestelberg, Mapp’s VP of Product & Marketing.


The above are just a few use cases – the possibilities are endless when it comes to connecting to third-party systems! Mapp Cloud can be seamlessly connected to all tools commonly used by marketers:

  • Send jobs to Google Spreadsheets to easily get data into a database for analysis or to batch up users and take bulk action.
  • Leverage your own communication channels to execute transactional messages by sending jobs to Zapier.
  • Connect with your own external CRM to exchange data with Mapp Cloud to, for example, synchronize unsubscribed profiles within your database whenever their status is updated.
  • And so much more: Connect with project management tools (e.g. create new task in Asana when…), support desks (e.g. create support ticket in Zendesk when…), team chats (e.g. message in Slack when…), receipt systems (e.g. generate electronic receipt in yReceipt when…), etc.


 Need more info? Find out everything you need to know about Mapp Cloud’s Special Edition Update here.
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