Personify XP: A Cookieless World Is About to Come

Christoph Rohner
Marketing Manager, Personify XP
Personify XP: A Cookieless World Is About to Come

Using third-party cookies to track users across the web and create their profiles is a common practice among digital marketers. As users often don’t pay much heed while giving consent to third-party cookies on various websites, this can be an important reason behind the data breach. Also, some cookies don’t ask for permission at all.

Establishing a cookieless environment is crucial for large brands to ensure privacy on the internet. It’s why Ben Mercer (Co-Founder and CCO of Personify XP) sat down with Ricardas Montvila (VP of Global Strategy at Mapp) to discuss the looming cookieless world, the future of digital marketing, and how data will be used to maximize customer engagement. We’ll be focusing on how marketing will adapt to the changed scenario – so let’s get started! 

Building a Relationship of Trust Among Customers

Third-party cookies often use data from the user-end. This data is used to set up targeted ads according to the liking of the customer. But if a brand wants to build a loyal customer base, it should be completely transparent about what data is collected. 

This will bring a sense of privacy to customers. As a result, brands can pursue more customers using this opportunity. 

Gathering More Consented Insights

Even if the cookies get away from the marketing world, brand websites still need to know the preference of the visitors to deliver them what they need. Most of the third-party cookies don’t take any consent of the visitor, which is clearly a privacy threat.

But in a zero-cookie world, websites need to gather consented insights to better understand the behavioral pattern and preferences of the visitor. This data can be achieved by asking questions to the visitor.

Now, asking questions without anything in return might not interest the visitors. It should be in an interactive form, such as gamification so that the visitors are intrigued to give the insights.

Not Using Blanket Strategies

Using the same strategy in general to gather information might not be a good idea. You need to implement dynamic strategies to incentivize customers and lure them into giving their information. This strategy can really increase the rate of success compared to blanket strategies.

Combining Zero-Party Data with Behavioral Data

As the behavioral pattern of consumers is very complicated, it’s difficult to get the best result by just depending on A/B testing on your landing pages and emails, as examples. Instead, you can combine zero-party data with behavioral patterns to get a better overall picture.

For example, gathering demographic data and combining them with the shopping pattern of a certain consumer will give you a better idea about when to approach them.

Connecting Online and Offline Data

The chance of collecting offline data about customers is still pretty difficult. In our changing world, you might want to set up a system where customers can scan some QR codes to win some prizes and give their email or other information in return. Such a system is easy to prepare, and the use of NFC will help improve the user experience.

Conclusion: Third-Party Cookies Have Come to An End 

As the internet world is now more concerned than anything about privacy, third-party cookies have come to an end. Changed marketing strategies will prevail in the upcoming world where everyone will have the guarantee of data safety and no one tracking them behind their backs. 

Mapp x Personify XP

Personify XP is the world’s first anonymous real-time analytics and personalization platform. Mapp Cloud’s insight-led customer experience platform leverages AI to generate actionable insights and empower brands to better engage with their consumers along the customer journey. 

Together, Personify XP and Mapp have kicked off a partnership by creating an in-depth go-to-market strategy that includes the likes of the Who Ate All The Cookies episode. We work closely with the Mapp team to deliver a powerful partnership that helps our clients go the distance, including how we can build joint use cases for each of our current customers. 


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