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Post-GDPR – Why databases weren’t built in a day

Dipal Ashra
Post-GDPR – Why databases weren’t built in a day

With GDPR now a reality, what are you doing to ensure your customer databases are kept clean and up-to-date? Is database maintenance a proper part of your data strategy?
In the weeks prior to GDPR, email inboxes around Europe were full of messages from worried brands asking customers to opt-in to their mailing lists. The strategy and language used to encourage consumers to give consent ranged from outright threats to faux ambivalence.

Unbelievably, many well-known brands thought it was ok for their GDPR communications strategy to allow these messages to be sent the day before GDPR launched.

That’s certainly not the way to treat customers and can lead to a significant loss of trust which in turn can have a calamitous effect on the bottom line.

There’s no doubt that some brands still won’t have got round to sending their opt-in request emails. These brands are in for a rude awakening when their relevant data supervisory authority comes calling. And come calling they surely will; with first a warning letter and then a possible fine.

For many brands, the upcoming GDPR regulation isn’t the saviour many privacy campaigners are calling it. Instead, many see it as a real risk to business. In some cases it has decimated databases with one UK marketing director reporting that 80% of their customer list have been lost with some businesses already deciding to close doors rather than comply.

What you need therefore is a GDPR-compliant solution that can help you quickly and efficiently repermission your customer list. That solution is Mapp Marketing Cloud.

Mapp Marketing Cloud consists of four main parts: Mapp Acquire allows you to identify and acquire new customers Mapp Engage gives you the tools you need to engage with customer across all channels Mapp Intelligence offers the chance to analyse and improve your marketing execution Mapp Connect opens up the possibility of integrating data sources and systems

Now that GDPR is here to stay, it’s important to understand that unless your customer database is fully compliant with the new regulation, it could fall foul of the new rules. With Mapp Acquire you can rebuild your databases by obtaining customer permission in a totally GDPR-compliant way.

Contact a Mapp representative today for more information on how Mapp Marketing Cloud can help.

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