We have some exciting news! PUMA Europe, the international sports company, has selected Mapp Digital for their digital marketing efforts to personalize brand marketing and execution across channel and display.

PUMA is now using Mapp’s customer engagement platform with integrated Data Management Platform (DMP) to provide targeted and personalized engagement with their customers e.g. using website browsing data and behavior to personalize their display ads and emails.

We are also helping PUMA’s marketing teams to ensure each marketing touchpoint is maximized for impact allowing their distinct and innovative marketing to speak to their target audience in a personal and engaging way.

Mapp’s team of digital experts support PUMA to bridge the digital gap and optimize messaging across email, mobile push and web marketing, while fully leveraging both online and offline data e.g. showcasing personalized and targeted in-store events and promotions on social media based on store visit and purchase history.

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Check out how Mapp is helping @PUMA EU with their digital marking efforts
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