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Quarterly Review: Mapp’s Q1 Product Updates

Justis Saayman
Quarterly Review: Mapp’s Q1 Product Updates

With 2018 in the rearview mirror, Mapp has entered 2019 with more steam than an old-timey locomotive.

Last year, we were very much focused on what is dubbed “Project Health” and Mobile Push functionality. Project Health was all about getting the platform ready for big data and bigger sending volumes – all while remaining stable and dependable. The majority of our development and product resources were aimed at the foundation: optimizing and enhancing existing features.

Enough of the past, however, as 2019 brings us the opportunity to really focus on the marketer using the platform. We want this year to bring loads of new features that make your life as a marketer easier and more efficient. It’s an opportunity to bring awesome insights, kick-ass experiences, and efficient processes to enhance your marketing activities.

Q1 took off with a leap. Today, we will look over the major and minor updates (honorable mention) to Mapp’s platform in the past 3 months.

1. Inbox Monitoring: 

We have and are still in the process of transferring over our platforms to a new provider for “render testing” and “inbox monitoring”. Render testing on Mapp Empower and Mapp Engage is a popular feature, so we found a provider who offers a similar, seamless integration but provides more features. Another reason for choosing a new provider was the capability that allows you, the marketer, to see if your email actually landed in the inbox. This feature sits alongside the render testing and takes only a couple of moments to set-up.

2. Content Management User Permissions: 

You asked, we listened! You are now able to assign specific people to have access to sections of an email. This way you can control who edits what and restrict it where needed.

3. Whiteboard: 

Mapp Engage’s Whiteboard feature was always powerful but built with a true omnichannel experience in mind, we have now made it easier for marketers to use. Remember: efficiency and ease-of-use is a way of life here at Mapp.

  • Edit Whiteboard while active

Whiteboards can now be edited while running and live. This means you can adjust actions, timings, or even add items while the program does its thing. Less chance of forgetting to turn it back on and less chance of losing revenue due to programs being paused.

  • New relational tables added 

Add “Related Data User Specific Record Added” to your Whiteboard when you want a new event to be set in motion in your Whiteboard after new third-party data comes in. For example, if an individual changes their preferences in the Magento webshop, it will trigger the corresponding journey in the Whiteboard based on this new event.

Adding “Related Data – Import Data/Update Record” to the Whiteboard allows you to import fresh data from any source for segmentation and personalization before any send out through the Whiteboard and use related data sets as an extended set of attributes for the contact.

  • Acquire workflow items added

New items relating to acquisition workflows in Mapp Acquire are now available in the Whiteboard. “Exits Acquire Audience” allows you to decide precisely who the audience for your display ads are, within the Whiteboard. “Remove from DMP Audience” allows the marketer to remove any contacts from a specific audience based on the occurrence of defined criteria.

4. Segmentation Builder:

Our drag and drop interface for the Segmentation Builder has yet another new condition bucket you can use: Related Data. If you are not familiar with Related Data, it’s a way to store additional customer data (or even product/services data separately) which you can segment for truly individualized campaigns.

5. Mobile Channels:

As we continue to move forward with a mobile-first strategy, Mapp has invested heavily in a tighter integration between Mapp Engage and its mobile channels. If you haven’t added mobile to your repertoire yet, check out the benefits that Mapp can help you deliver here. You can now compose push notifications and in-app messages in Mapp Engage. There is a simple reason for that: we need this in order to unify all message composition processes in the not so far future, in order to have a better user experience when composing a message. This is the first building block as part of that new unified message composition process.


Reach out to our team at if you have questions about these new product developments and how they can benefit your business. While we move into the second quarter of the year, we look forward to keeping you in the loop about all Mapp’s product innovations. 

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