Reshape Your Marketing Strategy With The State of Digital Marketing in 2022

Pawandeep Kaur,
Content Marketing Manager @Mapp
Reshape Your Marketing Strategy With The State of Digital Marketing in 2022

You’ve made it through another unpredictable year – but how prepared are you in making 2022 the most incredible one yet? As you kick off your marketing strategy planning for this fresh year, it’s time to reflect on your performance, prioritize your activities and rethink investments. What worked and did not work in your campaigns? How fast was your tech-stack able to adapt to the changing trends? What barriers stopped you from getting those sales numbers up?

At Mapp Digital, we’re conducting the survey “The State of Digital Marketing in 2022” in the U.K., U.S., Germany, and Italy to help you pull key insights on how companies reshaped their marketing strategies in 2021 and how they are setting their priorities for 2022. After the success of our insightful survey last year, we’re working on giving you an even better understanding of what practices worked and how these performed across different regions and industries. In fact, we’ll even be creating an infographic with the most interesting results in March!


How Can The State of Digital Marketing Help You? 

Taking a close look into your business can help all teams align on how you performed. But looking outside of the box to learn the challenges and priorities digital marketers in the industry have, gives your team a better understanding of your company’s position.

By benchmarking your business against the competition, clearer priorities become highlighted, and internal become better aligned on your marketing strategy. You’ll identify where your marketing strengths and weaknesses lay – but on an industry level. Most importantly, understanding the landscape and positioning of fellow digital marketers can help you plan a strategy that better fits today’s e-commerce environment to pull ahead of competitors.

For example, seeing the number of companies that do and do not use customer insights or a Marketing Automation Platform indicates how slow these companies are in customer insights and may not understand their customers well. This can be a gap for you to invest more into customer-centric marketing through a powerful insight-led customer experience platform like Mapp Cloud. By using customer intelligence, marketing analytics and personalization it can help you to optimize a better customer experience.

In this year’s “State of Digital Marketing”, you’ll get valuable insight into:

  The trends and challenges digital marketers faced in 2021

  How marketers adapted and reacted to events

  Investments and priorities in digital marketing

  Use of first-party data

  Understanding and optimizing the customer experience

  Plans and predictions for 2022

Once again, we’ll be surveying marketers in the agency, retail, finance, media & publishing, telecommunications, and tourism & leisure sectors so you can even compare this to last year. In fact, here’s a little recap of what The State of Digital Marketing in 2021 survey uncovered between January and March 2021.

2021 State of Digital Marketing Survey Results Recap 

65% of companies accelerated their digital and technology innovation

It’s no secret the pandemic had accelerated digital business models. Our 2021 UK survey found that over half of companies accelerated their digital and technology innovation more than expected due to COVID-19.

Only 33% of eCommerce businesses provide a personalized experience on their website

Most businesses haven’t been leveraging the full potential of personalization – and it shows. This could be a major hole that’s leaking potential sales in the digital customer journey. Customer intelligence and marketing analytics provide valuable real-time customer insights that can help you reprioritize your marketing budgets and score points with the consumer. In short, an insight-led customer experience helps you get those sales!

43% of businesses don’t have an app – and only 5% of those apps can do everything their website does

Yikes! A consistent omnichannel journey is more essential than ever to shoppers, as it enables a seamless customer experience. You want to be available at every digital touchpoint in the customer journey, but don’t just settle on simply being present. Shoppers need consistency, ease, and efficiency to build trust and familiarity with your brand, so they can keep coming back for more!

Get the rest of the results in our 2021 survey infographic here:

 Download The State of Digital Marketing Infographic UK

 Download The State of Digital Marketing Infographic Italy

 Download The State of Digital Marketing Infographic Germany


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