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Flaconi Switches to Real-time Marketing With Mapp’s Data Streams


ePRICE Benefits From Customer Insights to Maximize Omnichannel Marketing


Air Charter Service (ACS) Provides Service Beyond Expectations Through Targeted Segmentation and Hyper-personalised Content with Mapp


How the Digital Public Library Helps Create Unique Experiences for 5.5 Million Users


Acuitis Gets A Clear View of Customers to Personalize Customer Experience

Diageo Toast Great Success from Building First-Party Data-Based Customer Activation at a Global Scale

Expert Electronics Manages the Marketing of 400+ Stores with Mapp Cloud

Expert Manages the Marketing of 400+ Stores with Mapp Cloud

PepsiCo case study

The Power of First Party Data: A PepsiCo Case Study

Since 2016, PepsiCo has trusted Mapp’s powerful customer data platform (CDP) with storing their 1st party data across multiple brands, such as Walkers, Quaker Oats, Lays, Doritos, and PepsiMAX to name a few, in their Europe Sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA) region.

PepsiCo knows that 1st party consumer data is the most valuable marketing asset, and they have three primary methods to collect it. They applied their marketing expertise in a campaign called “The Battle” in The Netherlands to drive social engagement and revive a “dusty” brand image for Quaker Oats.

In partnership with Mapp, Quaker Oats embarked on a year-long interactive, cross-media campaign to gather and activate first-party data. Download the case study to see how they set out on their successful mission and the results they achieved.


Lowell Case Study

How Varelotteriet (The Danish Lottery) increased ticket sales by 300% through a partnership with Mapp and Ambition

Established in 1887, Varelotteriet is one of Denmark’s oldest lotteries, running multiple draws each month.

Through a partnership with Mapp and Ambition, Varelotteriet now has a Customer Data Platform that allows them to have a unified customer view across all channels, as well as a platform that provides artificial intelligence and predictive modelling to reach the right customers at the right time, as well as an automation solution to ensure that their communications were executed on the right channel.

Read all about how this partnership produced the best results in the 134-year history of Varelotteriet to date.

Heise online increases reader loyalty with data-driven customer audience management

Heise Online is one of the leading publishers in IT and tech news in Germany.

Read all about how, together with Mapp and Dymatrix Consulting Group, Heise Online designed and implemented a customer audience management system that has enabled them to segment users and personalize marketing activities with the aim of strengthening reader loyalty.

Vivienne Westwood leads the way for tailored communications at scale with Mapp

Vivienne Westwood is a forward thinking, customer first business and as a result have gone to great lengths to ensure they have a progressive Customer Data Platform to help them serve their customers.

Read all about how Vivienne Westwood’s team has been able to dramatically cut down the costs for internal design team and time for creation of emails, and now have more data against their customer base than ever before.

JYSK’S International Expansion & Acquisition Growth, Supported by Mapp & Leadfamly

With more than 3,000 stores globally, across 51 different countries, and with different marketing strategy requirements, JYSK needed a solution that provided them with a “single source of truth.” They required a unified marketing database that worked on a global and local scale.

Read all about how JYSK, in collaboration with Mapp and Leadfamly, used gamification to create an amazing experience for their current and future customers. The results speak for themselves.

How The Entertainer Increased Traffic, Conversions, and Revenue with Mapp Cloud

The Entertainer and ELC have deployed the full Mapp Cloud suite, including the modules Mapp Engage, Mapp Acquire, and Mapp Intelligence.

Monte-Carlo SBM Deepens Their Customer Knowledge and Boosts Engagement Through Personalized Campaigns

Since 1863, Monte-Carlo SBM has the finest collection of one-of-a-kind experience in Monaco. The group operates 4 casinos (like the prestigious Casino de Monte-Carlo), 4 luxury hotels (Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, Monte-Carlo Beach, Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort), 3 spas (including Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo), and more than 30 restaurants. A mecca for nightlife, they also offer a fantastic range of events, including the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival and the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival.

Witt-Gruppe Case Study

Witt-Gruppe Gets A Major Boost in Sales and Productivity

T-systems case study

How T-Systems Implemented an Agile Analysis of User Behavior

A company’s website serves as its central point of interaction with customers. To keep website usability high, it’s crucial to gather user data to assess and manage website design. This data collection process can be optimized by using a novel implementation procedure, which renders the process of gathering user data on websites both fast and highly flexible. See how T-Systems used Mapp Intelligence as an effective solution for such tasks.

JYSK case study

How JYSK moved to one unified marketing database in a global company

1. JYSK has more than 2,800 stores globally, located in 52 countries. With all the different requirements for their local marketing strategies, it’s crucial that everyone works from the ‘single source of truth’.

2. JYSK needed templates that were easy to set up, edit, and adjust, as new emails are built and sent every day. This could not be achieved without a variety of templates at the team’s disposal. Dependencies on HTML experts would significantly slow down the creation process.

3. JYSK could not risk having limitations to the number of users for a tool or the amount of data delivered and stored. A lot of people are logged in at the same time and are working on different projects.


TrustedHousesitters Collected 6,000+ Opted-In Leads With a Contest Launched by Mapp

TrustedHousesitters partnered with Mapp’s Lead Generation team to acquire new, opted-in leads to grow their database with pet lovers who enjoy traveling.

Customer Spotlight: Ella’s Kitchen

Set up in 2006 by Ella’s father, the company prioritises health and nutritional value, but never at the expense of taste or convenience. Ella’s Kitchen® Brand strives to be good in every sense, offering healthy, handy, and fun food that doesn’t cost the earth. In 2016, Ella’s Kitchen® Brand certified as a B Corporation, a global movement of pioneering companies that are using their businesses as a force for good. The company needed a partner that could help enhance their customer engagement and electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) strategy.


Customer Spotlight: Quint

Quint is a multi-award-winning operator of fintech businesses founded in early 2009. Quint uses proprietary technologies to power a portfolio of leading online businesses in the consumer credit sector. Quint has integrated Mapp into its digital marketing strategy to help all four of its brands achieve business growth from cross-channel marketing combined with improved customer insights and data management.

How JYSK moved to one unified marketing database in a global company

How JYSK moved to one unified marketing database in a global company

The Danish company JYSK delivers a great Scandinavian offer for everyone within sleeping and living with a strong online and offline presence. In Germany, it is especially known for its brand Dänisches Bettenlager. One of JYSK’s key challenges was unifying their database for all marketing activities across different regions and languages – until they partnered with Mapp in 2014.

magazine publishing

Media Company Mondadori Breaks Away From The Pack With Content-Rich Newsletters

Mondadori’s brands have an online presence across websites, mobile apps, and third-party partner portals. Coordinated by a team of 30, the digital marketing team manages Mondadori’s advertising network that is intensively used to promote their media titles.

Due to the media crisis (which affects both the print and digital sector) and the decline in advertising revenue caused by the rise of GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft), Mondadori was forced to reinvent themselves. They needed to create a new economic model based on monetized services and subscriptions.

To stay competitive, Mondadori developed a new business strategy focused on providing personalized experiences to its readers through content-rich email newsletters rather than publishing directly to the individual magazine websites.


TrustedHousesitters Collected 6,000+ Opted- In Leads With a Contest Launched by Mapp

Witt-Gruppe Boosts its Email Marketing Performance With Mapp

Witt-Gruppe Boosts Its Email Marketing Performance with Mapp

Witt-Gruppe’s performance in the textile mail-order business is highly correlated with their marketing team’s email abilities. The company’s email marketing campaigns encompass at least 35 newsletters a week. Sustaining the company’s success means executing complex and challenging email marketing campaigns for its eight different brands operating in several countries.

The primary challenge, however, lay with their email marketing platform that was extremely time-consuming. More specifically, it was necessary to manually upload email lists at the beginning of every day, as there was no option to automate emails. Using another tool for newsletters, the team was required to copy-paste HTML code for every email into their email marketing tool. With all these disjointed tools, the chance of encountering errors and issues was very high. Email marketing managers were becoming frustrated, as they wanted to work on creative email ideas, but instead were bogged down by uploading files and troubleshooting HTML code.

According to the company’s Head of Email Marketing Peter Scholzuk, a seasoned marketing professional with 8 years of email marketing experience, Witt-Gruppe needed a much more efficient content management platform. Scholzuk emphasized that you can have the best marketing strategy, but if you have an incompetent partner or an inefficient tool, those plans might as well not exist. Therefore, this new tool needed to optimize the email marketing campaigns at all stages (i.e. creation, deliverability, management), as well as
significantly improve the team’s productivity.

Mistertemp' Turns Temp Agency Into a Fully-Digital Business with Mapp

Mistertemp’ Turns Temp Agency Into a Fully-Digital Business with Mapp

To develop its online multichannel capabilities, Alphyr Group created MisterTemp’, a fully-digital service. This business model is particularly suited to the types of temporary work assignments that require minimal customization and manual sourcing (e.g. warehouse workers or greeters). For these temporary jobs, Alphyr automatically directs companies to its 100% digital agency MisterTemp’: a low-cost, onestop shop accompanying businesses until they sign the online contract with potential hires. Their goal is to assign a temporary worker to a recruiter within one hour.

To accomplish this task, MisterTemp’ needed a powerful, affordable, and automated marketing solution.