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Expert Electronics Manages the Marketing of 400+ Stores with Mapp Cloud

Expert Manages the Marketing of 400+ Stores with Mapp Cloud

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How Agencies like Mindshare use Mapp to Turn Leads into Customers

Mindshare needed a technology partner that not only allowed for data collection but could also offer expertise on how to communicate with a new lead once they’ve been acquired. Companies often run data capture campaigns to grow their customer base, but once collected they aren’t always sure how best to follow up with these new leads. That’s where Mapp came in.

Expert Electronics Manages the Marketing of 400+ Stores with Mapp Cloud

Expert International is the world’s most significant retail chain of consumer electronics, with a strong presence in Europe. In Italy, they manage 400 stores across the country with a three-level pyramid business structure. Due to their complex company architecture, Expert made the decision to rely on a professional 360-degree digital marketing software. In 2016, they chose Mapp Cloud as their main marketing communication platform.


How JYSK moved to one unified marketing database in a global company

The Danish company JYSK delivers a great Scandinavian offer for everyone within sleeping and living with a strong online and offline presence. In Germany, it is especially known for its brand Dänisches Bettenlager. One of JYSK’s key challenges was unifying their database for all marketing activities across different regions and languages – until they partnered with Mapp in 2014.

Why Freesat Chose Mapp as Their Technology Partner

Why Freesat Chose Mapp as Their Technology Partner

Freesat is a subscription-free satellite TV service offering “no subscriptions, just great telly.” Even though they partnered with Mapp only a couple of months ago, they are already fully integrated with the platform and their marketing campaigns are up and running. Freesat is a company with big ambitions for their marketing – and Mapp is helping them realize those ambitions.

Read on to find out how Freesat used Mapp Cloud to tackle their challenges and become a data-driven company.

Witt-Gruppe Boosts its Email Marketing Performance With Mapp

Witt-Gruppe Boosts Its Email Marketing Performance with Mapp

Witt-Gruppe’s performance in the textile mail-order business is highly correlated with their marketing team’s email abilities. The company’s email marketing campaigns encompass at least 35 newsletters a week. Sustaining the company’s success means executing complex and challenging email marketing campaigns for its eight different brands operating in several countries.

The primary challenge, however, lay with their email marketing platform that was extremely time-consuming. More specifically, it was necessary to manually upload email lists at the beginning of every day, as there was no option to automate emails. Using another tool for newsletters, the team was required to copy-paste HTML code for every email into their email marketing tool. With all these disjointed tools, the chance of encountering errors and issues was very high. Email marketing managers were becoming frustrated, as they wanted to work on creative email ideas, but instead were bogged down by uploading files and troubleshooting HTML code.

According to the company’s Head of Email Marketing Peter Scholzuk, a seasoned marketing professional with 8 years of email marketing experience, Witt-Gruppe needed a much more efficient content management platform. Scholzuk emphasized that you can have the best marketing strategy, but if you have an incompetent partner or an inefficient tool, those plans might as well not exist. Therefore, this new tool needed to optimize the email marketing campaigns at all stages (i.e. creation, deliverability, management), as well as
significantly improve the team’s productivity.