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Introducing the Mapp Marketing Cloud Spring Update 2022

Thekla von Plate,
Content Marketing Manager @Mapp
Introducing the Mapp Marketing Cloud Spring Update 2022

Are you ready for the Spring Update 2022? A total of 12 features, improvements, and enhancements are being released today for Mapp Marketing Cloud. We’ve listened closely to our customers’ feedback and requests, while observing the market and aligning with current developments and trends. Check out how the Spring Update will make your life as a marketer easier!

VTEX Plugin for Full Mapp Marketing Cloud

In the past Winter Update, the VTEX plugin was introduced for Mapp Intelligence. This integration alone made it possible to have eCommerce data generated by VTEX flow into Mapp Intelligence, where it could be aligned with data from countless other sources, such as websites or apps. Reduced data silos and increased insights were the results.

VTEX plugin

With the Spring Release, the VTEX integration is now available for the full Mapp Marketing Cloud. This opens the door for a whole new range of use cases:

  • Created automated, tailored marketing communication based on shopping behavior
  • Activate users where they are most likely to reply – be it email, SMS, web push, or in-app messages
  • Sync contacts who registered in your online store, or subscribed to your newsletter

Does your eCommerce business run on VTEX software? Then it’s about time for you to implement the integration. Did we mention that it’s completely free of cost? Integration for Mapp Marketing Cloud

If you work in the marketing world, you’ll know this scenario: your team comes up with an innovative and creative idea, such as a raffle, paired with a gamified app. But once you think about how to get it done, you notice that not one developer in your company has the resources to help with your project – it may never see the light of day. But what if you could create it yourself with a no-code solution?

We hear ya. This release boasts with a plugin for Mapp Marketing Cloud. All you need to do to get started, is create a account and select the Mapp Marketing Cloud plugin from the official plugin page. It allows you to precisely manage customer preference centers synced with Mapp and create user groups for follow-up marketing conversations.

And There’s More…

Spring is a blossoming season, and so is our update! Check out the list of additional features available with this release below:

  • New Navigation UI for Mapp Intelligence. It’s like a tech makeover, but even prettier.
  • Multiple Sorting Criteria for Analyses in Mapp Intelligence, to make predictions more accurate.
  • Marketing Calendar for Mapp Engage lets you see all planned and sent messages in the same place.
  • Updated Pre-defined Tracking Parameters for Mapp Intelligence smoothens the implementation process for you.
  • Enhanced Statistics for Mobile In-App Messages makes it easy to understand which messages are working well with your customers.
  • Google Tag Manager Support for Adobe Commerce (Magento) Plugin allow you to forget about tag integration.
  • Swagger specification for Mapp Engage REST API lets you experiment with benefits the Mapp API may bring you.
  • Automate system tasks with System Whiteboards for Mapp Engage such as contact imports, report exports… you name it!
  • Improvements to “Best Sendout Time”. The Algorithm received some TLC and is now more accurate for contacts with unusual behavior.
  • Updated Pixel Debug Plugin for Mapp Intelligence allows you to use the plugin in additional browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox).


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