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Summer Update 2021 – What’s new in Mapp Marketing Cloud

Thekla von Plate
Summer Update 2021 – What’s new in Mapp Marketing Cloud

Our Summer Update is packed with 16 exciting features, including Web Push as a new marketing channel for your cross-channel marketing game, a new Analytics API for Mapp Intelligence, and a revamped navigation bar in Mapp Engage. Check out what else the Summer Update has in store for you.

Push your Marketing to the Next Level with Web Push

Have you ever wondered how to catch website visitors early in the conversion funnel when they are not quite ready to enter their email address or download your customer app? Then Web Push has your name written all over it! Web Push messages help you to react and interact with your website visitors in real-time with browser-based notifications. Web Push is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels and will reach your customers even when they have left your website for effective re-engagement.

Here are some examples where Web Push will help you:

Cross-channel marketing is a proven strategy, and this channel can be easily set up and launched from within Mapp’s intuitive interface.

Web push has similar effects as remarketing, but without the ad spend and with full control over your data.

You will always reach real people. Web push is browser-based, so no fake email address will get in the way of your successful marketing.

Push visitors back on your website – web push works independently from active sessions, for as long as the browser is open.

Web Push messages can easily be added into marketing automation – let real-time events trigger the delivery of single or batch messages.

In short: With Web Push, we’ve introduced another marketing channel that can be used to optimize conversion rates and to reactivate customers online.


Check out Web Push in action:

But we are equally excited to present you the other features that we are releasing with the Summer Update:


New Navigation Bar for Mapp Engage

As the first element of a broader UI redesign based on our customers’ feedback, the navigation bar in Mapp Marketing Cloud just got a facelift! Check out the improved search functions and the high level of usability, which will let you complete tasks even faster.


Analytics API for Mapp Intelligence

Taking about time-savers: the new Analytics API for Mapp Intelligence lets you programmatically utilize the full power of Mapp Intelligence insights beyond our platform. With a simple API call, your data can flow into your third-party systems, dashboards or regular KPI reports in PowerBI or Excel.


Among many others, we proudly present the following features that are part of the Summer Update:

The Mapp Intelligence App Tracking Library now supports Flutter, the popular cross-platform SDK from Google.

Integrate our tracking into your Shopify Shop to keep track of all your eCommerce events and data.

  New Smart Notifications on newly tracked referrers, campaigns, products, and pages.

 Integrate your Shopware-based eCommerce business with Mapp Engage.

  API-based Triggers for your marketing automation workflows enable tailored custom integrations in your technology stack.

 We developed further our Product Recommendations. Are you ready to take it for a test drive?

 We’re optimizing your workflow with several new options in the Report View in Mapp Intelligence and renamed some Metrics and Dimensions to give you a better understanding of your data.


For a complete overview of new functionalities and features, take a look here.


If you would like to find out more about how Mapp Marketing Cloud can help you improve your customer experience through insights, request a personalized demo today!

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