T-Online Implements Stricter Rules for Accepting Bulk Email

Since beginning of the year, the German Internet Service Provider “T-Online” is implementing much stricter rules than before for accepting email. While sending without consent is not allowed for a long time already, the only technical possibility for proofing consent (Double-Opt In) is not mandatory by law.

With spamtraps (read also: How to Burn Your Reputation with Spam Traps), ISPs can easily check, whether senders are using third-party data without consent and implement DOI easily. The allowed threshold for spamtraps has been reduced to a minimum right now – senders hitting spamtraps are punished with a blockage of their IPs. T-Online is mitigating IPs only, when senders clean their lists, implement double-opt in and do not hit spamtraps in the future anymore. Especially for sendouts to Germany this might lead to a change of paradigm – there’s no alternative to implementing DOI anymore, if T-Online as an ISP should be reached. The market presence (~15%) is high enough to put pressure on senders now.

The Deliverability experts from Mapp are happy to support you know with a quick check of your processes and consultation, how to react on this change. We are happy to hear from you!