The future of retail: Mapp publishes e-guide with trends and strategies for the retail of tomorrow

The future of retail: Mapp publishes e-guide with trends and strategies for the retail of tomorrow

The future of retail: Mapp publishes e-guide with trends and strategies for the retail of tomorrow

  • Focus on improving the customer experience for ecommerce businesses
  • Opportunities to combine online and offline commerce
  • Changing consumer needs require adapted strategies

London, 26. April 2022 Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer experiences, has today published a forward-looking guide for retailers. The last two years have led to a paradigm shift in the relationship between brick-and-mortar and online retail. Now stores are open again and retailers are challenged with bringing back familiar and convenient customer experiences to their stores. To provide practical help and insights for companies grappling with this process, Mapp has developed this e-guide in partnership with several international partners including Alpenite in Italy, T-Systems in Germany and Space48 in the UK, all of whom have contributed informative insights and case studies. 

Focus on a seamless customer experience
In addition to changing priorities in terms of corporate values and practices, consumers are placing a premium on enjoying an intuitive, pleasant shopping experience. During the pandemic, businesses were sometimes forced to rush through the implementation of online shopping solutions. This led to some suboptimal shopping experiences for consumers, although these were often accepted in the context of the pandemic. However, this acceptance does have an expiration date. Positive shopping experiences, offline as well as online, and a consistent experience across all channels is now a consumer expectation.

Hybrid Commerce and changing consumer needs
Space48 has contributed a chapter dedicated to helping retailers navigate the newly changed world of post-pandemic physical retail. Specifically, it addresses how retailers can achieve a frictionless experience for shoppers and how they can adapt their online strategies for in-store while providing shoppers with a safe and seamless shopping experience.

(Stationary) AI: from smart mirrors to self checkout
From how clothes will be tried on in the future to how people choose to pay, the trend is for brick-and-mortar retail to align its consumer offer with compelling online experiences. The e-guide outlines various strategies that retail sectors such as fashion, cosmetics and even grocery can use to make use of smart online tools to boost their local sales. 

Online shopping is here to stay
Online shopping is likely to remain a regular part of consumer shopping habits, even after the pandemic is over. One-fifth of those surveyed said they find online shopping convenient, easy and comfortable. They no longer want to do without it after the end of the pandemic and the easing of associated restrictions. This creates challenges for brick-and-mortar retailers, but there are also many opportunities to be realised through the creation of unique shopping experiences. To ensure this, customer insights are becoming increasingly important. 

The e-guide is available for download here: Retail of the future – Mapp Cloud

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