Sherlock Holmes - The Great Investigation into the New Wave of Marketing Technologies

Sherlock Holmes investigates the future of marketing:the evolution of the profession, data control and convergence at the heart of business, silo busting and the battle between marketing and advertising.

A complete rebirth of marketing

The world of marketing is being turned upside down across the board - from Big Data and uberization to digital transformation and blockchain.

Sherlock Holmes knows that these marketing upheavals do not change the fundamentals: the client is the only focus, and that businesses must use these technologies and data to reinforce the link between them and the customer.

We still have to use these technologies while respecting the customer and the ethics outlined by seminal works such as Cluetrain Manifesto or Permission Marketing.

What is the future for marketing?

Marketers must leave their comfort zone and innovate. AI will give new perspectives on marketing, according to 80% marketing managers.

Given that ad-blockers strongly reduce the power of online advertising, we will soon see, to paraphrase Forrester, "the end of advertising as we know it".

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