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The Retail Roundup: Resources You Need to Become a Retail Marketing Guru

The Retail Roundup: Resources You Need to Become a Retail Marketing Guru

This month, we put the retail industry in the spotlight. Retail and digital marketing go hand in hand, yet marketers struggle to gain and retain customers in the competitive world of shopping. What marketers do know is that digital-first retailers give others a run for their money.

Retail businesses primarily focusing on online marketing continue to build and harness a loyal and engaged customer base. A report from Internet Retailing calculates that more than £150bn ($187bn) of retail sales are now influenced by digital and that retailers whose services don’t meet customers’ expectations could lose more than £12bn ($15bn) a year.

Retail today isn’t an establishment, it’s an experience. According to HubSpot, “By setting up special shops that only sell experiences, […] retailers can pull customers into delightful, memorable experiences that make much more of an emotional impact than buying a product.” These experience make for a compelling story that consumers will carry with them and be more than happy to share with others.

Explore our newest retail-specific resources to learn about the latest in retail marketing:

1. The Complete Digital Marketing Guide

Our ultimate retail guide lays out the most common challenges for retailers in the digital age. Examine the digital strategies every retailer should be investing in.
Download guide here

2. Webinar Where Retail Giant Tells All

Mapp’s recent webinar featuring a UK retail giant dives into consumer trends and digital strategies to make retail marketing personal. Learn from their successes in the webinar replay.
Watch it out now

3. Exclusive Interview With Mapp’s CEO

Publisher Internet Retailing got the scoop from Steve Warren, Mapp’s CEO, on how Mapp is the only company in the world that gives retailers full control over customer engagement through our unique combination of marketing technology.
Learn more

What are you biggest retail marketing challenges? Share them in the comments and maybe it will be the focus of our next guide!

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