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Unsilo Your Data, Unsilo Your Marketing

Matthew Langie
Unsilo Your Data, Unsilo Your Marketing

Marketers want and need to have a 360 degree view of their customer in order to stay competitive, sending precisely the right message at the right time, and in the right channel. And, I would contend that marketing today is really about the entire customer experience, from initial introduction of your brand all the way through building loyal customer advocates. With all of the various marketing channels available today, its possible to gather more data about prospects and customers to practically create the deepest understanding of their every want, need and desire at any moment in time. Yet, marketers are expected to pull off easily and seamlessly even as the marketing technology landscape continues to evolve each year.

To answer this call, marketers harness their marketing technology stacks. A 2015 report found that 51% of organizations have a “martech” stack that contains over 20 different technologies for acquiring and engaging customers from email service providers to SEO tools to social media management platforms. While 27% of marketers claim to have integrated tech stacks, 42% admit their technology is “fragmented” or “piecemeal.”

Due to this fragmentation, marketers still struggle with wrangling their data to paint that 360 degree view of each individual in their database. Why is that? With the several non-integrated tools that collect and store data about each customer within marketing teams and even across different functional departments, the data falls victim to silos.

Data silos in marketing Data silos prevent organizations from delivering this consistent, holistic customer experience. How many of us have cited an email promotion when purchasing a product over the phone, yet the salesperson hadn’t a clue as to what we were talking about? This is but one of many examples of a failure to break through data silos.

Today’s businesses all too often project their organizational design onto customers, such as when customer service rep cannot address questions to a campaign created by the marketing team. Ultimately, your customer does not care about your org design or lack of integrated systems—they simply want to engage and interact with your company as one entity and solve the problems they need addressed. At the end of the day, they are interacting with your brand, so it’s paramount that all departments have access to the same data and operate with a unified view to better satisfy customers.

How can marketers continue to gather data along various touchpoints with customers while effortlessly sharing it with all important stakeholders?

Introducing Mapp Marketing Cloud Enter our newly unveiled solution, Mapp Marketing Cloud, dedicated to giving marketers the tools and clarity they need to unsilo their data, and unsilo their marketing, to unleash their full potential.

Mapp Marketing Cloud breaks through data silos and remedies the integration problems that plague marketers as it provides a set of fully integrated solutions for all data management, analytics, marketing execution and reporting needs. A four-part solution, each is designed to seamlessly converge and leverage your data.

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