US Marketers: What You Should Know About GDPR

Matthew Langie

Come May 25th 2018, there’s a new sheriff in town (well, in the EU) known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), replacing all existing national EU data protection laws. Every global company targeting or profiling EU citizens must comply with GDPR, whose purpose is to instill complete transparency of data processing and full documentation of all data processing operations and all compliance and security measures taken to protect data.

While there are already laws that aim to protect the privacy of EU citizens, within the GDPR’s 99 articles are stricter stipulations for acquiring and processing individuals’ personal data and sensitive personal data. It also introduces moral damages, mandatory data-breach notification (within 72 hours of a breach, companies must notify the ICO) and class actions. What has everyone talking though, are the fines; each offense could cost a company up to 4% of global annual revenue or €20 million, whichever is greater.

So what are the main principles of the law that marketers should understand and prepare for?

Do these points leave your head spinning? While others may see this as a major challenge to overcome, at Mapp Digital we see GDPR as an opportunity!

We tell you why in this webinar recording hosted by Mapp Senior Legal Counsel, Tobias Guenther. Discover the legal basics of marketing with GDPR as well as how Mapp Cloud, with our Mapp Data Management Platform is designed to enable you to cover every base of GDPR compliance.

We are ready for GDPR, are you?

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