Busy marketer

Channel that inner number cruncher, creative type and task manager to see where you fit in.

Multi-channel marketing, by its very nature, forces us to wear a plethora of hats. As a core component of multi-channel campaigns, email marketing is no different.  

Of course, each and every one of us tries to be an all-knowing marketing unicorn that can sprinkle multi-channel fairy dust, but more often than not our natural inclinations as individuals shine through. Various stages of a campaign require us to perform multiple tasks, but there’s always an inner preference. Are you more of a Data Scientist, Communications Manager or Project Manager? 

Not what you expected? No worries – we still love you. In practice, we at Mapp see marketers as dynamic individuals, not cookie cutters!

We’d love to hear more about what makes you and your organization so unique.
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